​​​​​​​​​​Journey Voice of the Customer

Combining Voice of the Customer and Customer Journey Mapping

Linking the Voice of the Customer and Their Journey

Listening to your customers is important. Many companies have begun moving from just listening to their customers by getting feedback in-store, for example, to far more comprehensive enterprise-wide Voice of the Customer (VOC) programs.

The next level of VOC program maturity is connecting the dots between what your customers are saying and what journey they are taking with your organization. This approach, adopted by NICE Journey VOC, generates a powerful synergy from the combined insights of both customer experience tools.

The solution links in real-time what people say, what they do, and who they are.

  • What they say: Structured and unstructured feedback
  • What they do: Interactions with a company’s brand
  • Who they are: Demographics, purchased products, work status etc.

When capturing customer feedback, even in the best of cases, most companies are looking at only about 25% of their base. As a result, there’s still a silent majority whose feedback is not acted upon. By linking what people say (the VOC) with what they do (the journey), NICE Journey VOC extrapolates the sentiment of that vocal minority to learn about the sentiment of the majority, and to accurately predict customer behavior.

The Benefits of Combining Voice of the Customer and Journey Mapping

  • Make faster and better operational improvements
  • Predict contact reasons and improve customer experience
  • Prioritize and drive customer experience initiatives with agility and transparency
  • Track and take action on the journeys of dissatisfied customers
  • Increase the impact of customer retention efforts to drive ROI
  • Predict sentiment at each stage of the customer journey
  •  Segment customers by feedback and behavior