Barak Eilam

Chief Executive Officer
Barak Eilam

​Barak Eilam, C​EO, is an experienced executive, dedicated to the advancement of NICE as an industry leader for over 15 years. Mr. Eilam's extensive global experience spans numerous professional practices.

In his previous role with the company, he served as President of NICE Americas, expanding NICE's customer base and regional reach significantly. Prior to that, Mr. Eilam was the Head of Sales and the General Manager for the company's Enterprise Group in the Americas.

He spearheaded NICE's growth into an advanced applications and business solutions company, serving leading Fortune 100 organizations. He also drove the advancement of the NICE portfolio, serving in marketing roles and heading product development for the company's activity worldwide. Additionally, his experience includes authoring multiple patents.

Mr. Eilam holds a Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University​
“I am passionate about technology and its ability to drive safety, security and improved customer interactions across industries and geographies. I am personally committed to the business success of all our NICE customers.”