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Say hello to the industry-first, AI-powered solution tailored to curate intelligent responses to any business inquiry using a historical dataset of billions of voice and text interactions and GPT generative AI. Enlighten Actions generates actionable outputs that are clear, easy to understand, and brand specific. Fundamentally change and improve the way you interact with unstructured data, making it more accessible and efficient for your business. Put the power of AI to work for you without the risk of inaccuracies or unwanted behavior, to deliver convincingly human conversations.

Explore the future of customer experience interactions (CXi) and discover what’s possible with Enlighten Actions from NICE.

Enlighten Actions: Composed by GPT

Fundamentally change the relationship between business and data with Enlighten Actions.

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Actionable Outputs
By harnessing your existing data, Enlighten Actions generates outputs you can trust and rapidly deploy. Rest easy knowing that your brand constitution defines the guardrails, ensuring automated responses with unparalleled clarity and accuracy.
200+ Validated CX Models
Using Enlighten AI, trained on a dataset of billions of voice and text interactions, Enlighten Actions responds to inquiries in relevant, brand-specific ways that are easy to understand.
Brilliantly Human Responses
OpenAI’s GPT large language model enables Enlighten Actions to hold a conversation like your best trained agents, allowing customers to ask, not search, and receive the answers they need, when they need them.
CXone Guide
Reduce friction and remove barriers to provide the most successful customer journeys with CXone Guide. With it, your customers can find what they need more easily, driving customer engagement and reducing abandonment rates.
Enlighten XO
Harness the power of Enlighten AI for CX, a collection of AI models that analyze every second of every interaction to identify the successful behaviors that drive extraordinary Customer eXperience interactions (CXi).
Understanding AI for CX
AI and GPT are the trending topics of today. Watch our experts break down how the CX industry can use GPT for its own purposes, both now and in the future.
Why GPT, Why Now, What’s Next?
AI is revolutionizing CX, creating interactions that seem more human than ever. Watch John Willcutts, General Manager, Digital LOB at NICE, explain how we got here, what’s next, and how to think about AI for CX
How AI Has Changed the CX Landscape
GPT and AI tools are rapidly changing the CXi landscape, and Jon Arnold, Principal Analyst at J Arnold & Associates, provides insights on planning your future CXi strategy. Learn why AI needs more than good conversational tools to be truly effective.
Become your Organization’s AI Expert
Join our 4-part webinar series, ChatGPT Wrote This Webinar, for a deep-dive into the role of AI in customer interactions, understanding what it takes to make AI implementation successful, and how it’s changing the very way we think about communication.
Generative AI: Revolutionizing Search, Shopping, and Support
Join our first session, “Generative AI: Revolutionizing Search, Shopping, and Support” with Dan Miller, Opus Research, as he explores the impacts of Conversational AI on digital CX.
AI Building Blocks for Delivering Exceptional CX
Learn about the components necessary to create exceptional CX flows with generative AI with Jon Arnold, Principal at J Arnold & Associates, and John Willcutts, General Manager, Digital Line of Business at NICE.
Generative AI for the Modern CX Organization
Join Zeus Kerravala, Founder & Principal Analyst at ZK Research, and Aaron Rice, General Manager, CXone Expert at NICE, as they discuss the impact on IVAs and AI-supported agent interactions and how this can improve not just efficiency and impact of employees, but can create previously unavailable experiences that benefit a brand’s workforce.
Deploying GPT for Business in 2023
Bringing the entire webinar series together, join Melanie Turek, VP of Research for Digital Transformation & Connected Work at Frost & Sullivan, and Brett Forman, Director, Customer Engagement Analytics at NICE, to learn how integrating GPT technology can de-risk your roadmap and alleviate pressure on present macro employment pressures across the current economic landscape.
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