What are Agent Reports?

Contact centers are data rich environments with extensive measurements in place. With the right technology, just about every part of the service process can be reported on - how many calls came in, how long it took to answer them, how long the agent spoke to the customer, the outcome of the call. These metrics are reported at the enterprise level and, where it makes sense, drilled down to the agent level. Agent reports contain information about how a specific agent is performing against key metrics, such as average handle time and sales conversion percentage.

Agent reports can take different forms, from paper-based to completely automated. Ideally, the information is available on an agent's desktop in a dashboard format that displays current data from multiple systems so that the agent can easily monitor his own performance. Sophisticated tools also contain team level statistics so that contact center managers/supervisors and individual agents can see how their performance compares to their teammates'.

What are the benefits of agent reports?

Foremost, agent reports help ensure individual agents are aligned with key organizational objectives and goals. The transparency and ongoing feedback offered by agent reports can also inspire agents to improve their performance and create a culture of continuous improvement and accountability. This increase in agent engagement can also lead to higher retention and employee satisfaction. Agent reports also help supervisors identify specific areas in which an agent needs coaching and development. Clearly, the benefits are many.

How NICE Can Help

NICE CXone Reporting technology guides smarter, more informed decisions with real-time and historical insights on key business metrics and trends through fully integrated reporting and data access tools. Get immediate value out-of-the-box and ready access to all the information in your NICE CXone solution.

NICE CXone is the market leading call center software in use by thousands of customers of all sizes around the world to help them consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences. Our solutions include tools that help train, manage and motivate contact center agents. CXone is a cloud native, unified suite of applications designed to help a company holistically run its call (or contact) center operations. CXone includes:

Omnichannel Routing – routing and interaction management that empowers agents to positively and productively interact with customers in digital and voice channels. These solutions include an automatic call distributor (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), interaction channel support and proactive outbound dialer.

Workforce Optimization – unlocks the potential of your team by inspiring employees' self-improvement, amplifying quality management efforts to enhance customer experience and reducing labor waste. These solutions include workforce management (WFM), quality management (QM), recording, and performance management (PM).

Automation & Artificial Intelligence (AI) – leading-edge, intuitive technology that eliminates mundane tasks and speeds resolutions of customer issues for better business outcomes. It provides self-service, agent-assisted and fully automated alerts and actions.

CXone also includes pre-defined CRM integrations and UCaaS integrations with most leading solutions on the market. These integrations provide a holistic call center software solution capable of elevating customer experiences for companies of all sizes.