​​​Real-time monitoring with agent and supervisor alerts to mitigate emerging situations and opportunities as they occur

Building the speech and text analytics program necessary to promote business intelligence takes a holistic approach. Within the NICE Nexidia Customer Engagement Analytics framework, understanding your customers' conversations begins with Nexidia Analytics. Nexidia provides the foundation, both in technology and in fast time to insight, to allow you to know where your customers and agents could use additional assistance.

As an added overlay or stand-alone solution to Nexidia Analytics, Nexidia Scan and Agent Assist™ is a tactical, real-time contact center monitoring and agent assistance solution that triggers agent and supervisor alerts based on configurable events. By enabling agents with desktop alerting that displays relevant information, businesses can improve agent behavior, ensure regulatory compliance, and maximize performance while providing better customer experiences.

Real-Time Knowledge Enables Better Call Outcomes

The real-time capability benefits the organization most in the areas of live coaching, increasing rates of first call resolution, increasing sales effectiveness, maintaining compliance, and providing a generally more positive customer experience for every interaction they have with agents.

The power of real-time scan and agent assist can be seen in some of its features:

  • Omitted topic alerts with time-based operators
  • Spoken topic alerts for hot-button phrases
  • Sentiment detection
  • Linked alerts to knowledge base information
  • Supervisor console
  • Real-time reporting

The ability to assist your agents in specific situations is only the beginning of what NICE Nexidia can do for your organization. Learn more about the NICE Nexidia Customer Engagement Analytics framework here.


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