​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Text analytics software​​

​​Mining and analyzing text is Reading between the lines​

Do you see more than letters on a page when you look at freeform text from a customer?

What about the context? And how do you connect the message in a customer's email with their latest comment on Facebook and a transcribed call they made to customer support?

It gets even more complicated when trying to correlate open-ended texts from multiple customers, each of whom expresses themselves differently.

There is a wealth of high-impact information hidden in all that unstructured text​ If you can read between the lines.

How to read your cus​tomers and improve your business

Our Text Analytics technology, a key component of NICE Interaction Analytics solution, is how it's done.

We use powerful natural language processing and sophisticated statistical models to identify otherwise hidden patterns throughout your entire customer base and across multiple channels (phone call transcriptions, text chats, social media feedback, survey responses, etc.).

  • Hot ​Topics - Our text analytics software uncovers and tracks the most frequent topics mentioned by customers during their interactions with your company, identifying trending customer satisfaction issues.
  • Sentiment Analysis - Text interactions are scored depending on the content and context, giving you a measureable overall view of customer satisfaction drivers.
  • ​Root Cause Analysis - For deeper analysis, our root cause analytics engine drills down into trending customer reactions and hot topics for their most specific underlying drivers.
  • Visual Context Analysis - Our text analytics software also correlates identified root-cause phrases with other relevant phrases used during the same customer interactions. An intuitive graphic indicates how significant and how closely related the phrases are.
  • Call Part Analysis -​ Using our innovative technology, you can separate discrete parts of transcribed calls in order to isolate specific interaction weak points, and take corrective action. An infographic makes it easy for your supervisors to quickly identify agent inefficiencies.

Armed with these high-quality insights, you can better understand your customers and take effective action. The result is increased customer satisfaction and loyalty and improved operational efficiency.

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