Customer Analytics​​

Making sense of all that data

We're in a world of Big Data and your customers are generating more of it every day. So, let's put it to work.

No matter how your customers engage with you – by phone, email, chat, mobile apps, social media or in branch – every interaction creates data. Add all those customers and all those interactions together and you've got a huge amount of data on your hands and a whole heap of insight waiting to be discovered. And that's where our range of analytical tools and technologies come in. They're the core of our solutions.​

Speech Analytics​

Speech analytics form the core of many of our solutions because there's much to learn from what people say – and from the way they say it. Put them together and you can gauge and understand why your customers are contacting you. You can pick up on key words, analyze emotions and work out, in real time, what the important issues really are.


Real-​Time Speech​ Analytics

There's much to learn from what people say – and from the way they say it. With Real-Time Speech Analytics you can pick up on key spoken words and identify accompanying emotions, in real time, to deliver rich & accurate next-best-action guidance. 


Text An​alytics

There's value in the written word. Now you can analyze all your text channels, from email, social media and chat to transcripts of your customer conversations.Using natural language processing and statistical models, you can reveal patterns and insights that allow you to continuously improve your customer interactions. ​


Desktop Analytics​

What are your agents doing when they're interacting with customers? With Desktop Analytics you can track the applications, screens and functions they're using, to identify knowledge and compliance gaps.You'll also discover whether some extra training will help you increase your operational efficiency and deliver an improved customer experience.


Voice Bi​ometrics​

Using more than 100 physical and behavioral factors, including pronunciation, emphasis, speech rate, accent, and the unique physical traits of the vocal tract, Voice Biometrics will help you verify in real time that the person calling really is the person they claim to be.

​​Predictive Analytics​​

Of course, every customer is different, but they often behave predictably. Analyze the behavior of your entire customer population as a whole and you can create statistical models which will help you understand and make predictions about each individual. What products will they be interested in? How likely are they to churn? And what's their next move going to be? Armed with such information, we help you take the necessary steps to delight them and keep them loyal.

M​ORE ​​​
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