Big Data Analytics Technologies

The foundation for customer engagement o​pti​mization

No matter how complex, lengthy or fragmented it may be, you need to be ready for every customer journey – and you need the technology to make it possible. NICE state-of-the-art technologies address complex IT challenges and the needs of any customer service organization.

Cross-Channel Interaction Recording

The NICE comprehensive cross-channel interaction recording technology is suitable for all communication channels and virtually any telephony environment. We enable your organization to handle thousands of simultaneous interactions in a single, scalable platform - capturing, forwarding in real time, and archiving -​ at an unrivaled total cost of ownership. With these capabilities, cross-channel interaction ​recording is an indispensable tool for customer service regulatory compliance, quality management and performance improvement.​

​​Customer ​A​​nalytics​​​
Customer interactions create masses of data, filled with insights waiting to be discovered. That's where our customer analytics technologies come in – to help you know what your customers want and what should be done about it. NICE delivers a broad range of cross-channel interaction ​analytics tools (including speech, text, desktop and social media), coupled with powerful predictive analytics and machine learning technologies.


​​ ​Real-Time Tech​nologies
Smart analytics provide powerful insights, to be sure. But to be most effective, those insights need to be applied in real time, while customers are in live contact with your company. NICE enables quick, smart decisions at the moment of interaction, transforming the way you service your customers by leveraging real-time decisioning, speech analytics, personalization, and machine learning.


Cloud Contact Center Sol​utions
NICE supports business growth by providing you the ability to quickly scale, maintain, manage and integrate your software securely at a lower total cost of ownership. SaaS (software as a service) model has the agility needed to handle large volumes of raw information and analysis, to add or change resources without disrupting business ​and to quickly recover specific sought ​after data.