​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Back Office Quality Management​

​​Higher quality, higher customer satisfaction  ​

Your employees need a quality program that nurtures them to thrive and delight customers. NICE Back Office Quality Management eliminates manual work and embeds quality into the performance of processing environments. You need employees to deliver a top-notch customer experience, and our best of breed quality management solution will help you get there.

Visibility​ into employee activity

NICE Back Office Quality Management software increases visibility into employee understanding of processes and policy. It streamlines the quality monitoring and employee evaluation process with configurable, wizard-driven evaluation forms making it easy to monitor and understand quality evaluation. Integrated calibration tools enable supervisors and quality specialists to create standards for assessment and ensure that evaluations are accurate, objective and consistent.​

A fully integrated coaching module allows managers and trainers transparently see:

  • Links to recording interactions, related data and documentation
  • Employee screen activity
  • Playback recordings to identify issues

Cross​-system alignment  

Pull in data and capabilities from your Performance and Workforce Management systems to align quality with other business goals. With our Back Office Quality Management software employees benefit from a system that:​

  • Schedules coaching sessions by integrating with NICE Back Office Workforce Management
  • Integrate Quality Management with the other systems in your performance suite
  • Infer KPIs and organization goals from Quality evaluations and drive change through performance and workforce management

Motivate qua​lity improvement

Ensuring coaches can deliver on helping their teams achieve higher quality scores can be a challenge. Not with NICE. We believe that coaches should always have the resources to see their team thrive, and we accomplish that through:​

  • Coaching packages containing screen captures
  • Integrated calibration tools for consistent scoring and employee empowerment
  • Central portal for employee evaluations and coaching packages

Quality capabilities​

When the quality monitoring process is automated with NICE Back Office Quality Management a higher degree of consistency and objectivity boosts employee morale and ultimately drives greater customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and cost savings. Here are just some of the capabilities that empower that goal:

  • Record and playback of employee desktop activity
  • Central portal for employee evaluations and coaching packages
  • Integrated calibration tools for consistency in staff scoring​

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