What’s the CX buzz this week? (7th October, 2015)

What’s the CX buzz this week? (7th October, 2015)

If you missed CX Day yesterday, 6 October, then you must be living in a bubble. Fortunately we are surrounded by highly creative and seriously motivationally inspiring CX leaders. Whether on or offline, creatively or thought-provoking, we all came together to honour those people and companies creating better experiences for their customers. Here are some of the best things shared for #CXDay. Enjoy!

CX Day Webinar- Mastering CX with Jeanne and Bruce [CXPA.com]

We have The Customer Experience Professionals Association to thank for giving us #CXDay. They have an official website here in case you want to catch-up on everything that was planned around yesterday’s events. But in case you missed one of the best activities of the day, Jeanne Bliss and Bruce Temkin webinar on key trends that will affect every customer experience professional, never fear... we have shared it here for you.

The Ultimate Customer Experience Infographic, 2015 [experiencematters.wordpress.com]

Once again Temkin Group has delighted us for #CXDay. They were amazingly active offering free webinars, research tools, e-books, and videos. But nothing beats their highly anticipated 2015 Experience Matters infographic. Here is a sneak-peak but well worth clicking through because you can download a poster-sized version for use in your office.

CX Day: Fostering a Top-Down, Bottom-Up Approach to Customer Experience [1to1media.com]

1to1Media chose to use #CXDay as a way to remind us that it's a great opportunity to remember why senior management's commitment to customer experience is so critical. Saying, “A commitment to delivering great customer experiences has to start from the top of the organization if employees are to be expected to carry these practices out in their day-to-day roles.”  We couldn’t agree more!

27 Ways to Put the Customer First on CX Day [Forbes.com]

27 seems like such a random number, but don't let that put you off this BRILLIANT piece by Stan Phelps. He uses real examples from 27 businesses who are getting customer experience right. What an amazing way to celebrate and honour those professionals and organisations truly creating perfect customer experiences.

25 CX Influencers You Should Know [tandemseven.com]

If you don't already follow them, you should. If you don't already regularly read their blogs and updates, you should. If you don't have time... don't worry, we often feature many of these top CX influencers in our weekly curated blog posts "What's the CX Buzz" and "CMO Perspectives." Thank you Tandemseven for putting together this list of top 25 CX Influencers for #CXDay we salute you.

FINALLY – a huge shoutout to the Customer Experience Professionals Association for a great initiative. We really enjoyed the opportunity to share in CX Day and see and appreciate the amazing talent that makes our industry so special. If we had to pick our favourite piece for the day it would have to be the animated speech graphic prepared for Ian Golding’s CX Day presentation. We love it!

We hope you enjoyed our brief #CXDay roundup. If you missed our blog post yesterday on what CX Day means to us you can read it here. Please leave a comment below, follow us on @NICE_CX and LinkedIn. See you for CX Day next year.