What’s the CX buzz this week? (6th October, 2015)

What does CX Day mean to NICE?

Today, October 6 is International CX Day. As the website [cxday.org] says, CX Day is a global celebration of the companies and professionals that create great experiences for their customers put on by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). However, as a company that helps those companies create those great customer experiences, CX Day means so much more to us.
CX Day is a chance for us to shoutout to our wonderful NUG (NICE User Group), run by NICE customers for NICE Customers. We thank president Barbara Bleiler for her tireless dedication to the NUG and encourage you to join or follow them @bbleiler. It is also a chance for us to recognise our customers who excelled at creating perfect customer experiences; we congratulate the winners of NICE 2015 Customer Experience Excellence Awards. 
DHL Express Russia – Who turned to NICE to modernize its contact center capabilities, gaining the ability to record 100 percent of calls and capture 30 percent of screens.  Adding quality management and customer feedback further enabled DHL to support its global customer centricity campaign. 
Porto Seguro – Who utilized their NICE Workforce Management solution as a tool to replace manual processes and empower their agents, giving them visibility into a more “metrics centric” operation. 
U.S. Bancorp Fund Services – Who rooted out errors with screen recording and improved workforce flexibility, realigning staff based on scheduled preferences and preferred client interaction types.
Western Union – Who streamlined agent performance, improved customer interactions and realized performance gains. 
CX Day is a chance for us to showcase our expertise and position ourselves at the forefront of customer experience solutions. Follow us on @NICE_CX and @NICE_Systems and join us in celebrating international CX Day. 
Here are our top 5 tips for creating perfect customer experiences:
  1. Good CX starts with happy and engaged employees – Educate, Encourage and Incentivize.
  2. When connecting with your customers always remember they are real people. Keep it personal, friendly and relevant.
  3. Only 27% of companies are tracking performance on social media.  Analyze data across all channels for a 360°customer view.
  4. Think about how customers are moving between channels to achieve their objective and how that journey can be improved.
  5. Make customer journey maps the heart of your CX program to ensure meaningful organizational change
And here are our top four blog posts written for you, by our experts:
And finally it is a chance for us to recognise the industry influencers and shakers who help us spread the word about creating perfect experiences; read our blog tomorrow where we will highlight the best content shared to celebrate CX Day.
We hope you enjoyed celebrating CX Day with NICE Systems. Why not share your experiences by responding in the comments below, tweeting us @NICE_CX or following us on LinkedIn