Houston, do we really have a customer experience problem?

"Yes. Yes. It is working now. Thank you! I really appreciate your professionalism and attitude".

When managed in the right way, this sentence representes the end point of a perfect customer experience. A satisfied customer getting what he needs, when he needs it via a skilled, empowered employee.

Creating a perfect experience is not an easy task and involves many moving parts – processes, people and systems.  But above all, creating perfect experiences requires a perfect IT environment that supports business continuity, application availability and performance, proactive management and fast problem resolution.

As customer engagement solutions have grown, they have become more complex to manage. From lost revenues to potential compliance issues – the damage from service disruptions can be immense.

Customer service organizations need a way to simplify and streamline operations, so they can focus on "growing business" rather than "managing infrastructure". To do this, many organizations are looking at application monitoring services to address their challenges in three main areas:

  • Monitoring - monitoring of system uptime, alerts, and application performance.
  • Proactive maintenance – diagnostic services that proactively ensure that the systems are operating properly and efficiently.
  • Service management and governance - Track Alarm Notification and resolution, incident management and reporting.

​So the next time you call the contact center, visit a store or shop via a website, keep in mind that there are advanced monitoring systems making sure there are no problems so your experience is perfect.

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