Reinventing Digital Marketing and More | CMO Perspectives (4th September, 2017)

This week’s Re-Inventing Digital Marketing - CMO Perspectives roundup looks at the increasing effects of digital on marketing, from; the right content for customer retention, from The CMO Club; looking at effective data management for marketers; and more… Enjoy! 
How AI is Impacting Content Marketing []

By Lin Pophal

Did you know that 20th Century Fox used IBM Watson to create a trailer for Morgan? This is but one example of how content marketers are using artificial intelligence to compose copy. Lin Pophal details several ways AI is shaping content marketing these days. 
  • “While there are plenty of dire-sounding discussions taking place these days around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning...this isn’t technology of the future.” MORE

Do You Know What's Really Breaking Up Your Customer Relationships? [future.thecmoclub]
by Kathy Menis

Companies focus far more energy on gaining new customers instead of engaging in something more cost-effective: retaining existing customers. Find out some main reasons retention fails, and what to do about it and check out our customer journey solutions for the best technology to help you retain your customer.
  • “Too many marketers are focused solely on courting new customers instead of honing a better, more intimate understanding of the customers they already have....Want to think less like a marketer and more like your customers? Put yourself in their shoes.” MORE

The Way to a Customer’s Heart is Through Visual Content [business2community]
by Lois Sapare

How can marketers circumvent the online-content overload in order to gain more attention from their target markets? Read about visual-content options as solutions.
  • The challenge of marketing online is tougher than ever as the online space is becoming more and more crowded. It is essential for businesses to keep finding ways to stand out from the competition and avoid drowning in the vast pool of online content. MORE

Is Marketing Dead, Or Starting A New Golden Age? []
By Roger Dooley

During the past few years, marketing in general, and CMOs in particular, have come under fire for relevancy and success matrixes. This article explains how marketing is still an important facet for businesses.
  • Are marketers so wrapped up in their bubble of social media metrics, content marketing, and fast-changing consumer technology that they can’t see that they are on a road to nowhere?...In a word, no. MORE
Ask The CMO: A Conversation With Alan Gellman On Marketing As A Lever of Innovation And Growth [forbes]

By Billie Howard

This interview with digital trailblazer Alan Gellman discusses aligning marketing strategies with today’s digitally-driven, day-to-day business practices.
  • We are...catalyzed by the digital transformation…[we require] ways that embrace an emphasis on both brand and performance. No longer is an either-or option viable. MORE

How Marketers Can Address Data Challenges that Ruin Marketing Performance [Martechadvisor]
By David Dunne

Data-driven marketing is now the thing. But wading through all that data can be overwhelming and ineffective. Velocidi’s CEO and Founder David Dunne weighs in on how to efficiently use the data for your marketing purposes.
  • “Marketing data…[is] growing at an exponential rate, making it increasingly difficult for marketers to extract timely, actionable insights that drive sales. More than 30 percent of marketers attribute wasted time on data to ‘too many data sources.’  …[We] identified three things marketers can do to achieve better performance with their data.” MORE
We hope you’ve benefited from the expert advice in these articles. Stay tuned for next week’s “CX Buzz” roundup blog.