NICE Sparkdays Hackathon 2018 – It’s a Wrap!

NICE Sparkdays Hackathon 2018 – It’s a Wrap!

"It gave me an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone", "It was great to be able to meet NICE employees from around the world" and "I was able to develop new skills" are just some of the feedback that I received after our Sparkdays which took place recently.

At NICE, we pride ourselves on a culture of innovation and out of the box thinking, which we believe is integral to our success. The NICE Sparks Innovation program is a key avenue through which we gather, evaluate, advance and collaborate on innovative ideas. The program comprises the NICE Sparkdays, which are focused innovation events per line of business, and the NICE Sparkathon, which is a cross company event.

The recent NICE Sparkdays brought together our various lines of business with one goal in mind – driving innovation into their respective product lines. The event focused participants to think of ways they can collaborate and infuse innovation to drive up Customer Experience.

Sparkdays 2018 brought together over 500 participants, across 10 sites. The teams came up with more than 140 ideas, which were developed during a 48 hour hackathon and produced prototypes and demos, which were then reviewed by our senior management team. Many of the ideas around AI and automation, analytics, cloud and adaptive WFO, will be further developed to become new products or features for our customers and our organization.

Itay Grushka, General Manager R&D said “Sparkdays and Sparkathon are great opportunities to explore new technologies and share learnings, experiences and knowledge. By harnessing the collaborative power of different profiles, we come up with creative solutions that will ultimately differentiate us and create business value. Looking forward to our next event!”

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