How NICE CXone changed the 2017 CX landscape

As we approach year-end, festive dinners and much free time to rest and ponder on the achievements of the past year as well as plans for the upcoming year, I feel very proud to look at the critical year of 2017 for the Customer Service industry in general, as well as specifically over the fundamental changes and achievements NICE drove in it.

2017 will be remembered as the year NICE has revolutionized the Customer Experience market. It is the year we here at NICE have redefined the framework and standards of what it means to provide a superior customer experience.

This year alone, NICE was titled The Leader by top global leading analyst firms in the customer experience field: Gartner labeled NICE as leaders in Workforce Engagement Management; Forrester has positioned NICE at the top for leading Customer Journey Solutions, and many others followed, confirming NICE as the ONE leader out there for any organization seeking to serve their customers, as well as their contract center agents and supervisors, with top of the line, second to none, service and experience.

How did we do this?

As a company that is dedicated to perfecting customer experience by connecting organizations to their customers, we make sure to listen to our own customers and hear what they are looking for, what their pain points are, and where can we improve their bottom line. One of the ways to achieve this deep understanding of our customers is through our through NICE User Group, where we managed to get to ~10,000 members in 2017. I am proud to say NICE caters today for 85% of the Fortune 500 companies, and as such we define and lead the daily customer facing interactions and experiences of many of the largest companies globally.  Through ongoing, intensive dialog, listening to our customers, we realized that what they really need a smarter and faster way to manage omnichannel interactions across the organization, to invest in innovation and not in technical integrations.

In 2017, NICE transformed the landscape of CX by offering a fully scalable, elastic, open, cloud native platform – NICE inContact CXone.  NICE inContact CXone is a an integrated  Customer Experience platform that can serve companies of all sizes and envelopes the industry's most complete and best-of-breed CX applications including: omnichannel routing, analytics, artificial intelligence and workforce optimization. Moreover, in 2017 we launched the NICE inContact CXone DEVone program which strengthened and expanded our partner ecosystem, amplifying the platform's capabilities by offering a wide variety of fully integrated applications and functionality that each organization can select from the CXexchange Marketplace.

I invite you to learn more about CXone here. Happy holidays!