All in the Family: NICE inContact CXone and NICE Nexidia Customer Engagement Analytics

​I am sitting in a beautiful old hotel in New York City contemplating all things CX, after a long day helping my teammates at our Silver Sponsor booth at the Forrester CXNYC 2018 event. But what CX really means to each company is as diverse as each personality in the showcase room. The beauty of NICE inContact CXone is in the fact that the solution speaks to every business's persona, every nuance of each business's language, every common or diverse business need. Why did NICE inContact call the solution CXone after all?

Perfecting Every Single Aspect of a Customer's Experience with NICE Nexidia Analytics

One of the major pillars of the CXone platform is Nexidia Analytics. In the same vein that CX has its own meaning to each business, so does analytics. More specifically, Nexidia Analytics offers its Customer Engagement Analytics solution for the purpose of perfecting every single aspect of a customer's experience with a business - every digital touchpoint, every physical interaction, every conversation. The way this is done is with its own unique offering of Nexidia Analytics for interaction centers, Customer Journey Optimization, IVR Optimization, and Predictive Behavioral Routing. The integrated and fully scalable solutions are inherently agnostic, allowing them to overlay existing systems (such as recorders) without issue.

Within the Customer Engagement Analytics solutions are the paths to drive results across the entire organization. NICE Nexidia drives real outcomes: cost reduction, customer loyalty, increased sales, agent and regulatory compliance, improved digital containment, and of course improved CX. The NICE Nexidia solutions are cloud enabled, lifting the burden of hardware procurement and management as businesses grow.

But not to forget, the need does not always dictate the means to the end. So often, businesses know their needs, but do not necessarily have the experience or to bridge the knowledge gap. This is where Managed Analytics Services help businesses get up and running quickly, with an average of four times faster time to insight. Many customers are so pleased with the results delivered from the Managed Analytics Services that they retain them or even grow them over time to ensure continued ROI across their organizations.

NICE inContact CXone – The only COMPLETE Enterprise CX Cloud Offering

The major advantage of NICE's enterprise solutions is their ability to work across the entire CXone platform, the breadth of options that companies can invest in up front and over time, and with the backing of a company that works for the customer to deliver mutual success time and again.

The only way to truly see the benefits of NICE and the CXone Enterprise CX Cloud offerings is to join the family. We would enjoy having you.