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Be the wow: A guide to creating the most empathetic contact center


As communication channels become less “human,” personalized customer interactions are even more valuable. Delivering a personal touch can help you stand out from competitors and build customer loyalty. And emphasizing empathy will also make work more rewarding for your agents by helping them feel like their work matters and is important to your customers.

According to a Salesforce State of the Connected Customer report, 68% of customers expect brands to demonstrate empathy during all interactions. It’s the biggest driver of customer trust, satisfaction, and brand loyalty.

With this in mind, a best practice for contact centers is to ensure empathy is at the forefront of all processes—from self-service tools to agent training. To make this possible, you can learn to proactively spot empathy during the interview process so you can hire the right people and incorporate empathy into all onboarding and training.

This guide will give you the tools and knowledge you need to teach your agents empathy and acquire the right self-service programs to ensure your customers receive personalized service during every stage of their journey.

These strategies include the use of customer personas, empathy maps, roleplaying, and AI programs like sentiment ratings. Sentiment-based AI routing can make it easier for agents to receive real-time guidance to provide exceptional service for every situation.

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  • Hire the most empathetic agents to deliver an exceptional customer experience
  • Incorporate empathy into all onboarding and training
  • Apply empathy to all stages of the customer journey
  • Develop techniques and strategies to help agents improve CX
  • Use sympathetic AI tools to streamline your process