Automation for the people.
Get the robot out of the human

Enable your employees to devote more time to customer service and valuable business priorities.

Save precious time and money

Robots are fast, accurate and work tirelessly around the clock.

Intelligence out of the box

Handle more complex business processes with an embedded OCR and built-in integration into multiple AI solutions.

Scale your workforce with digital workers.

When you need more working hands quick, you can rely on your robotic workforce to get the job done!

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Your workforce multiplier.

The NICE RPA software robots are installed on backend servers, with the capabilities to take over all the repetitive, admin driven processes facing the human workforce everyday. A variety of tasks can be executed independently without human intervention, freeing up employees to focus their attention on more valuable business priorities.

RPA bots work quickly, and tirelessly around the clock without error. They are your workforce multiplier, increasing throughput capacity and enabling your organization to achieve its ROI targets more quickly and effectively.

Unleash the power of process automation.

Learn about the wider NICE process automation portfolio, comprised of unattended and unattended bots, development and management tools and much more.

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“NICE RPA helps minimize the disruptive business impact of unpredictable, dynamic, and short notice external demands.”
Molly Walker
Manager Business Excellence
The Complete Recipe for RPA Success
NICE RPA includes the full list of ingredients for a successful, long-term deployment.
Seamless integration across systems

100’s of out-of-the-box application connectors, allowing automations to run smoothly across your workplace applications.

Robot design and development 

NICE RPA comes with a built-in drag and drop design studio to create visual workflow views.

Robotic control room

Web-based centralized bot management overseeing livelihood and resource allocation, to provide real-time visibility and control.

Flexible, Secure, Resilient

NICE RPA is offered via flexible licensing models, supports the strictest security standards, and includes a wealth of training and certification options.

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NICE Cognitive RPA New Bank Account Video

Discover how infusing AI and cognitive automation into banking self-service channels, takes customer experience to new heights.

Case Studies

RPA Eliminates the Impact of Dynamic Demands in the CUSO Industry

PSCU is the leading credit union service organization (CUSO) in the United States, providing services for traditional and digital payments, risk management, analytics, digital banking, loyalty programs, and comprehensive 24/7 customer support. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, the company supports more than 1,500 credit unions nationwide and over 3.8 billion transactions annually.


An RPA Leader

Everest Group Recognizes NICE as an RPA Leader