​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Real-Time Speech Analytics​

Listening between​​ the lines​

Listening is a skill. The best listeners have an uncanny ability to anticipate your concerns, sometimes even before you do. ​

Your customer service representatives may be good listeners, but they're also very focused on listening for what they expect to hear – as they must be. After all, they have to balance a dynamic flow of information, the various demands of customers and managers, and many kinds of compliance issues.

With R​eal-Tim​e Speech Analytics, we make sure your agents never miss a single sign​

NICE Real-Time Speech Analytics automatically captures and analyzes the entire customer interaction as it unfolds to uncover insights and opportunities hidden between the lines.  Within seconds, a tailored next-best-action guidance message appears on the desktop of the agent handling the call.

To the customer on the line, it may seem like mind reading. But it's not.

Instead, it's our sophisticated linguistic analytics module identifying keywords and phrases, and picking up information from all aspects of the conversation. A p​owerful real-time decisioning engine then takes into account additional customer and contextual information, before making its next-best-action recommendation.

Impac​t Interactions in Real-Time for improved customer experience

Speech analytics and real-time agent guidance measurably improve your interaction outcomes and operational efficiency.​​

  • Improve quality assurance - Errors, missing information, frustration or broken processes that lead to customer dissatisfaction or costly repeat interactions can be flagged for evaluation, helping identify best and worst agent practices.
  • Extend supervisor awareness -​ Alerts can be manually or automatically pushed to the NICE Manager-on-the-Go smartphone or tablet app, which also allows supervisors to remotely join or listen in on the call.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance - Possible consumer protection infractions, noncompliance with internal standards, missed ID verification, and disclosure failures can be instantly isolated for appropriate action (needed disclosure script pops up, warning, supervisor alerts, etc.)
  • Increase agent sales - Identify ideal up- or cross-selling openings hidden in information incidental to the current call, but important to the customer. 
  • Reduce churn - Quickly address complaints about price, technical difficulties, or mentions of competitors.
  • Complement Post-Interaction Analytics – While post interaction analytics helps you to better understand your customers over time, Real-Time Speech Analytics is the ideal tool for instantly reacting to issues and opportunities that just can't wait. 

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