​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Real Time Personalization 

​​​​​Optimize Experience. Drive Engagement. A​s it happens.

With every interaction, you understand more about your potential customers. With NICE Real Time Personalization you can transform the terabytes of data from every customer interaction into finely-tuned responses relevant to each individual -​ in milliseconds.

True customer engagement requires relevant content, promotions and offers. The more relevant, the more likely prospects are to become loyal customers. NICE Real Time Personalization transforms untapped customer Big Data into personalized interactions, targeted offers​ and timely service in real-time. ​

How d​​​oes it work?

NICE Real Time Personalization creates a profile of each individual visitor by mining online and offline interactions to fully understand the customer journey. Using NICE real-time technologies, the system builds detailed customer intelligence models and predictive profiles that can instantly make insightful content and promotional decisions based on customer interactions.

  • Real-Time Decisioning processes volumes of Big Data on customer interactions across all sources, creating content decisions or actions in milliseconds
  • Predictive Analytics analyzes​ customer behavior across digital interactions. Fine-grained predictive models are then applied to individual customer interactions
  • Machine Learning self-learning technology rapidly predicts customer behavior, enabling you to provide the best response in real-time scenarios

Keep y​​our custom​​ers c​loser

NICE Real Time Personalization ensures that the content you deliver for each customer is relevant and compelling. Offers, ads and promotions can be tailored to meet your customer's individual needs.Delivered in a timely response, Real Time Personalization strengthens brand loyalty, increases online conversion rates and helps you achieve your business goals.

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