​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Machine Learning

​​The right respons​​​e to any customer scenario

Every customer has unique needs and expectations. Responding correctly and quickly to those needs is key to generating satisfied, loyal customers. NICE patented Machine Learning technology rapidly learns to predict customer behavior, enabling you to provide the right response for customer engagement scenarios, in real time.

Being able to apply insights into your customers' experiences in real-time is a powerful advantage. It helps to ensure that every interaction is targeted to the precise needs of your customer. NICE Machine Learning technology efficiently learns to make smart decisions that optimize business goals, such as conversion or click-through rate.

How doe​​s it work?

Our machine learning technology uses a type of Temporal Difference Learning that takes predictive actions derived from automatically observed customer behavior. This type of machine learning is especially suited to large amounts of cross-channel customer data. It can be deployed across multiple channels at enterprise scale to quickly understand what products, campaigns and strategies deliver the strongest business results.

Faster respo​n​​ses to changing behavior

Leveraging Big Data infrastructure, the technology continually learns and adapts from the very first offer or customer interaction. So it needs less data to get up to speed and become productive and is less expensive to implement.

Designed to be configurable by the analyst and marketer, the technology is flexible and transparent so that results of decisions can be viewed and acted upon as needed.

Key benefits:

  • Enterprise level deployment across multiple channels
  • Flexible and easy to configure by marketers or analysts
  • Fast time to productivity
  • Works online, in parallel and in real time​​​​

Impact customer decisions as the​​y happen

NICE Machine Learning technology allows you to respond faster to changes in customer behavior and impact your customers' purchase decisions as they happen. Contact us to learn more.​

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