​​​​​Journey Excellence Score​​

Measuring customer experience across omni-channel journeys

Between the relationship and touchpoint levels is a third level — a customer journey. Each journey is a series of steps in pursuit of a single goal. Measuring experiences at the journey level gives you insights into how customers perceive the journey as a whole. And it often enables you to find gaps in the quality of the handoffs between touchpoints.

(Forrester Research: The Top 10 CX Measurement Questions Answered, June 2018)

What is the Journey Excellence Score (JES)?

The Journey Excellence Score is the latest innovation from Customer Journey Solutions, measuring the quality of customer experiences by analyzing the customer journey across all touchpoints and over time.

  • Omnichannel Perspective:​ JES combines hundreds of attributes from multi-touchpoint interactions with customer sentiment & survey scores to evaluate the overall customer journey experience
  • Root Cause Analysis:​​ JES evaluates past and current journey experiences to identify the root causes behind negative interactions.​
  • Predictive Analytics:​​ JES predicts the likelihood of a customer journey to lead to undesired outcomes such as customer churn and complaints.

How does the Journey Excellence Score (JES) ​​work?

  • ​Automatically calculates a comprehensive Journey Excellence Score for the total customer journey experience within your enterprise
  • Individually scores CX quality for specific journeys of business processes (such as billing & payments, onboarding or technical support)
  • Provides trended reports to monitor and understand the effect of CX initiatives on the quality of the journey experience over time
  • Proactively recommends specific areas for further investigation, such as "micro-journeys" that are negatively impacting customer experience

How can the Journey Excellence Score help your company?

  • Holistic CX Measurement:​ Measure customer experience for your “silent majority” who don’t provide direct feedback via surveys.​
  • Data Democratization:​​ Underlying info from JES can be easily understood by CX professionals, eliminating dependence on data scientists or analysts to unlock insights from data. ​
  • Uncover and Prioritize CX Improvements:​​​ Proactively surfaces insights on underperforming journeys to direct efforts to improve customer experience. 

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