NICE SPM provides a full range of tools to consistently manage sales compensation, administer quotas and territories, mobilize and coach sales reps, and analyze performance. Yet, comprehensive functionality is just the start. NICE SPM is a fully automated solution, customized and deployed by a seasoned team to meet your specific business needs – no matter the scale.

A solution that’s tailored around your needs

Many sales compensation solutions require you to bend your processes to fit their software. NICE, on the other hand, tailors the solution to fit your exact needs. Do you need to set up individual monthly draw amounts and offset them with production earnings on a monthly YTD basis, separately categorizing them for payroll? Carry previous year deficits to the current year, using current year earnings to reverse? Or perhaps set up and schedule recurring adjustments and payments. NICE’s solution can be configured to meet all these needs, and much more.
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Automation of sales operations processes

Sales compensation does not end with planning. You need to distribute and approve plans, manage quotas, handle disputes and execute payroll. NICE SPM lets you automate such operations, as well as other resource-intensive processes with customizable workflows. With automation, you will speed up processes and improve operational efficiency.
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Scalability to support thousands of users

NICE SPM is driven by an in-memory calculation engine and Big Data architecture, which can handle massive calculation volumes and complex crediting rules common to enterprises. Our near real-time data means more efficient and frequent modelling of compensation scenarios, faster processing and distribution of payments, and real-time visibility and analysis of performance and projected earnings.
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Delivering on what we promise

A successful ICM project requires more than technology. It relies on skills and dedication. Our team brings over 100 years of combined incentive compensation experience to the table and a commitment to your successful deployment as evidenced by a 98% maintenance renewal rate among our customers. As one customer noted, “When you can partner with a vendor that’s willing to come and work like these guys do, you’re in good shape.”

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