​​​​​​​​​​Sales Operations Automation

Improve Sales Operations Efficiency

NICE Sales Performance Management lets you define automated workflows that reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, speed up the sales process, and improve operational efficiency.

Using a drag-and-drop workflow designer, your business users can automate resource-intensive processes like plan acceptance, quota management, dispute resolution and payroll processing. They can tailor out-of-the-box workflow applications, as well as build new workflows for any business process requiring automation.

Workflows provide a complete audit trail by automatically documenting all communications, changes, approvals and attachments.


Compensation plan acceptance

Efficient communication and approval allow you to roll out new compensation plans – no matter how complex - in days rather than weeks.

Plan approval workflows let you define the exact acceptance steps and approval hierarchies. Sales reps can respond directly from their mobile device, with all edits, changes and approvals time stamped for a full audit trail and instant reporting.

Quota and Objectives Management

By operationalizing and automating quota management processes, you eliminate the back and forth of spreadsheets, erroneous calculations and inaccurate data.

Quota workflows can be configured to match your exact processes. While sales managers remotely update their projected quotas and objectives, quotas are automatically validated against a set of rules. Iterative approvals can be enforced up and down the sales management chain, with notifications of approval, rejection or modification sent to relevant stakeholders.

Inquiry and dispute resolution

Inquiry workflows let you resolve disputes faster and increase sales agents’ trust. A sales rep can launch an inquiry directly from an electronic statement on a mobile device or online dashboard. Full details of the inquiry are automatically populated based on the statement, leaving minimum data for sales reps to populate themselves.


An inquiry is routed to the relevant manager or compensation team member, who can accept or reject dispute claims, add explanatory notes, or forward for additional handling. Throughout the process, sales reps can see where their inquiry stands, with an alert sent to their preferred channel once the issue is resolved.

NICE SPM continuously tracks historical dispute data, allowing you to issue reports highlighting trends and identifying disputes’ root cause.


Payment release

How prompt are your compensation payments? Comp teams will often create payroll files, send an approval request via email, and then… wait.​​

Payment workflows reduce payment time significantly by automating the entire process of calculating payment data, making adjustments, requesting approvals, and completing the payroll. Notifications are automatically sent with payment reports to approval team members, allowing a reviewer to flag specific payments and add comments. Updated payment files are automatically delivered for release to payees, speeding up the process.



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