Your Personal Assistant on the Digital Customer Journey

The Internet of Things Empowers Brands to Continuously Improve Customer Experience

According to Gartner, within the next year, 5% of customer service cases will originate with the Internet of Things. This is unsurprising, as we increasingly find our everyday lives augmented by digital tools, sometimes driven by artificial intelligence, which provide valuable, real-time information to support more efficient and informed decision-making.

Your Fitbit tells you how many steps you've taken throughout the day, and helps steer you towards a more effective exercise regimen.

Missing that one friend you can usually count on to have all the answers? Never fear; Siri is here.

Ever wish you could have a personal assistant, someone to simply be there and manage your appointments, answer your questions, read to you, play your favorite song, teach you to cook, and generally keep an eye on the house? Well, now you can, and her name is Alexa.

The beauty of these new, intelligent devices is twofold: Not only do they offer instant gratification to customers who increasingly demand it, but thanks to the Internet of Things, these tools are gathering valuable insights about customers — ​what they prefer, what would make their lives easier, how they perceive different brands and products, and, perhaps most importantly, how the customer-centric organization can best earn and maintain their loyalty.

Solutions that help brands understand and serve today's omnichannel customer address the need for listening to consumers wherever they choose to express themselves, and serving them via whichever avenues they prefer. Accordingly, the Internet of Things represents the next frontier for CX professionals who understand the customer now calls the shots, and leave no stone unturned when it comes to capturing, and acting upon, their customers' journeys.

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