Why Being a Vendor Reference Makes Smart Business Sense

Whether you work for a brand spanking new start-up or a Fortune 500 business, there are significant benefits to be gained by associating your brand with your vendor partners. 

1. STAFF. By partnering with a vendor, you’ll be accessing their most talented writers and PR gurus to spin your story in a potentially new direction of ​mutual benefit to both your companies.  You’ll have access to writers knowledgeable in extracting and identifying the results you’ve realized from a new deployment.  Their social media team will also stand ready to see that your company – and YOU, personally – shine!

2. REACH.  Just like your company, your vendor has devoted tremendous resources in building a solid database, distribution list and viewing audience to promote its channels and website.  Leverage your vendors for exposure to a potentially new market as your press release goes out to new media contacts, or your case study goes viral on Twitter.  At NICE, we promote customer success over all of our social channels, and with more than 80,000 followers worldwide, your message will touch a huge audience.

3. INCENTIVES.  Many leading reference programs offer tangible benefits designed to reward your business for being a valued partner.  NICE’s Customer Ambassador Program offers a points-based rewards system to our client references.  These points can be cashed in for items of benefit to a business, such as consulting services, training discounts and user conference passes. 

4. WIN.  Many leading organizations offer award programs that spotlight your most notable achievements and can potentially offer financial rewards.  For almost 20 years, NICE’s annual Customer Excellence Awards program has recognized companies utilizing technology as a tool to impact their businesses.  These leading organizations receive recognition at NICE’s annual conference and return home not only with a trophy in hand, but with pricing discounts as well.  Even runners up are rewarded for their efforts, receiving a complimentary conference pass just for applying.

5. KARMA.  Perhaps a final benefit for referencing could be called karma.  Taking a reference call for a vendor is, at the most fundamental level, a nice thing to do.  Kind gestures like these serve to strengthen your business partnership and friendship, and may pay off in ways you might not expect. You never know…..  being armed with a new case study or award could come in handy when it’s time to discuss annual merit increases and advancement opportunities!

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