What’s the CX buzz this week? (9th September, 2015)

It's all about creating better customer experiences, whether through engaging your employees, or using better cloud services. Every week in CX Buzz we try and summarise for you the best content on the web to help you create the best customer experiences. Enjoy!

Cloud Choices Matter In Business [Forbes.com]                   

Groan... Have you, like Shawn Price, ever gotten the run-around when calling your bank or insurance company, finding yourself saying everything not once, but three times to three different customer service agents? Chances are that they are using legacy technology that doesn't fit today's demands. Please read Shawn's piece (it makes great reading) and then head on over here to see how NICE is helping you make the right decisions when it comes to cloud solutions for improving your CX.

B2B CMOs: It's Time to Own the Customer Experience [adage.com]

The world of B2B customers is complex. It's a maze of engagement channels, devices, conversations and interactions. As the CMO of a B2B enterprise, you must facilitate this complex engagement with a consistent customer experience across the entire path to purchase, from customers initially identifying a need, to researching their options, to making a purchase and using the product. As Sheryl Pattek [Adage.com] says, the only way to successfully do this is to OWN the CX. Do you?

After the Purchase: Optimizing Customer Retention Through Gamification [conversionxl.com]

Did you know that gamification works? In fact, TechValidate's research found that "30% of companies using gamification improved registration conversion rates by upwards of 50%." But how can it be used to retain more customers? Just ask Shayla Price [conversionxl.com].

25 Quick Tips to Involve Your Staff in Customer Experience [LinkedIn.com/pulse]

Looking for ways to increase revenue, decrease cost and knock your competitors out of your way? It's time to get serious about your Customers, and the best place to start is with your own staff. Your employees are your best brand ambassadors, but inspiring them to be that way is hard work. Terri Schepps makes it easier with these 25 quick tips to help your employees help you jump start your customer experience strategy.

Six brand case studies that proved the value of customer experience [econsultancy.com]

Not that we believe you should need convincing, but here are six examples from well-known brands, where they tell their story of how improved customer experience helped their brand. Send us your stories so we can include them in future CX Buzz editions.

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