What’s the CX buzz this week? (9th Feb, 2015)

Behind every great customer experience is a well-implemented design or strategy. Thanks to the internet in general, and social media in particular, customers have more knowledge and power than ever before. This one of the greatest challenges for customer service. The digital transformation of the CX world is a critical part of meeting this challenge. How do you find the right CX strategies to deal with the today’s empowered customer? Which philosophies can positively transform your CX and which ones will just drag you down?

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Philosophies to Improve Your Customer Experience In 2015 [beyondphilosophy.com]

Colin Shaw, CEO of Beyond Philosophy, feels that philosophy is important—but it can useless if it can’t implemented in a practical way or used in day to day applications. In this article, Colin mentions his favorite CX philosophies. Here are some of the highlights:

Philosophy #1: Experiences are not just about the “what” but also the “how”.

Philosophy #2: Your Customer Experience drives value for your organization.

Philosophy #3: Emotions are a huge part of any Customer Experience; in fact, according to our research it accounts for over half of an experience.

Philosophy #4: Customer Experience is about how customers consciously and subconsciously perceive their experience.

Philosophy #5: Getting employees on board is critical to your successful Customer Experience.

6 Strategies to Drive Customer Engagement in 2015 [forbes.com]

Customers are becoming more powerful by the day. With information at the tips of their fingers, customers are in control of their experience, and this has forced marketers to think of new ways to engage their customers.

In a recent study, “Customer Engagement: The Best of the Best”, Forbes Insights and SAP highlighted those companies whose marketing was focused on one thing: the customer. The article suggests some ideas to engage this new type of customer:

  • Provide real-time benefits to make the customer experience more fun
  • Simplify your customer’s experience to increase satisfaction and retention
  • Leverage and embrace customer feedback
  • Anticipate, and act on, customer needs

Designing Service with Intent [icmi.com]

Agents determine the success of your CX programs. Your call center employees may be your most valuable customer relationship asset. Human intelligence is irreplaceable in real-time scenarios. However, based on current trends, customers have shown a preference for self-service for their minor needs. Companies need to understand this and try to make optimum use of their agents by deploying them when they are actually needed.

Call center needs have ballooned and it’s important to observe the design of your current customer experience. Implementation procedures can’t be prioritized over CX. When you recognize that your customer’s journey is “the moment of truth”, you realize how important it is to take the time to design an intentional customer service experience.

10 Customer Service Practices to Help Retain Your Customers for Life [forbes.com]

Customer Service is the new domain for competition. It has also been tagged “the new marketing”. In this article, the author has compiled a list of ten essentials to improve customer service. Getting these right is a sure-fire way of gaining loyal customers. Some of these suggestions are:

  • Don’t falter on quality
  • Think like a customer while designing the CX program
  • Act with empathy
  • Personalization is the key

Five Customer Experience Milestones on Your Journey to Digital Transformation [customerthink.com]

Bob Thompson, CEO of CustomerThink Corp, has shared his opinion about digital transformation, which has been creating quite a buzz for some time now in the world of CX. Digital transformation is not merely the introduction of a new system, but a journey to make things simpler for yourself and your customer using technology.

Adoption, Consolidation, Personalization, Orchestrating and Transformation are the milestones in the journey of digital transformation. In order to successfully implement digital transformation, it is necessary to have the right strategy in place. Some of Bob Thompson’s recommendations include:

  • Start with the customer
  • Invest in omni-channel engagement platform(s)
  • Remember that humans will matter more in the digital world