What’s the CX buzz this week? (5th Mar, 2015)

To optimize customer experience, it is necessary we understand the true meaning of customer experience. CX programs are as much about processes as they are about the people involved. Empathy plays a big role in the success of any CX program.  

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CX for Smarties, A Beginner’s Guide to Customer Experience [experiencematters.wordpress.com]

Talks about customer experience have been going on for some time now. However people who are taking up new responsibilities in the CX domain are still trying to figure out its core principles. Bruce Temkin, an expert in this field has tried to answer various FAQs of this industry using different interesting medium.

The questions that often come to our minds are what is CX? What is its use? How big organizations can create better CX? And how can we develop a customer centric culture. We can assure you that all your basic questions have been addressed in this wonderful article. We are sure you will have a great time reading this.  

Modern Customer Service: Are You There Yet? [cmswire.com]

A new Forbes Insight study reveals only 38 percent of those surveyed executives named customer service as an organization-wide strategic goal. Which opens the discussion whether leaders have actually understood the importance and impact of CX in their businesses.

However 88% of executives believe that they are making good efforts towards CX. This does not explain the gap between customer and company expectations. This is because executives are still using old school metrics to determine the success of their customer service efforts. Also knowledge management among customers is not take care of. Modernization of customer service is a must to meet customer expectations.

How to Design a Customer Feedback Recovery Process [genroe.com]

Ideally the purpose of any CX program should be to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for every customer. However realistically it is impossible to impress everyone and you are bound to gather negative responses in your VOC systems. This article talks about dealing with customers with bad brand impressions as part of service recovery process. This is called the “React process”.   

This process is important because it improves profit of business and anything that improves ROI is worth spending time mastering it. Hope you have a good read.

Customer Experience: It's Not What You Say, it’s How You Say It [forbes.com]

For the success of CX program, it is essential that a holistic approach is followed. Customer experience is as much about process as it is about empathy. Customers don’t really care for the choice of words you use during the interactions but the tone and the manner matters.

In other words, your call center forms the back bone of your business. This also means that call center culture should be customer centric form the very beginning. From investment perspective call centers are seen as the last options for expenditure which in reality should be the other way round.  

Marketing Is Dead, and Loyalty Killed It [hbr.org]

The article begins with an example of Apple’s earnings release last months. Apple hasn’t really come up with a path breaking innovative product yet its earnings keep raising. Did you know that Apple enjoys 87% loyalty from its customers?  

It is this loyalty that determines a brand’s success in today’s world. Earlier marketing was all about selling but no more. Today marketing is also about customer retention. People expect convenience from a transaction, but what they crave is meaning. Building loyalty is much harder work, and it requires not only valuing customers, but also regular engagement with same enthusiasm throughout.

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