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Customer experience and innovation go hand in hand. Otherwise, the greater this divide, the greater the dissatisfaction. Understanding this basic idea is the key to developing good CX programs and innovating at the same time. Also, CX is a culture—not really a process. Human behaviors, expectations and empathy play a big role in their execution, and conventional wisdom in tackling customer issues may fail majority of the time.

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Empathy and Integrity: A Must to Rebuild Customer Trust [katenasser.com]

Well, we would like to make one thing clear: brands are not robots. CX is not a mechanical process. It involves human bonding and empathy. Nowadays we even see interesting examples coming from US President Barack Obama to relate with younger generations while promoting healthcare plans.

Brands need to understand that customers take a leap of faith when they make their first purchase. It is the duty of the company to honor and maintain this trust through empathy, integrity and emotional intelligence.

Forging the link between Customer Experience and Innovation – Six Crucial Principles [thinkcx.co.uk]

Henry Ford once said that if he asked for customers’ opinions, then all they would have requested was faster horses. Innovation in the true sense means identifying what a customer needs even before the customer himself realizes it.

Sometimes, businesses struggle to appreciate the difference between innovation and “fixing the basics.” And, in this confusion, it is CX that comes out as a loser. The article highlights some great principles on improving the relationship between customer experience and innovation.

5 Years of Temkin Experience Ratings, First Drop in CX [experiencematters.wordpress.com]

Based on Temkin Group’s 2015 experience rating, ratings have fallen down in many industries and this is because the companies are getting worse at CX.

How can that be the case when the CX industry is booming and everyone seems to be concentrating on improving CX? Bruce Temkin, CX expert, believes that customer expectations have gone to a whole new level and companies are failing at meeting these heightened expectations.

Understand your customers and how to influence their decisions [liveworkstudio.com]

There are various tools that can help you in developing and maintaining your CX programs, but no tool can accurately identify with customer behavior. The key to understanding customers is observing them. Journey maps and VOC could play a major role here. This process is also harder than one might expect because it requires eliminating many preconceived notions around what is observed. Nudging customers in a certain direction is possible but requires understanding their context as well as your own powers of influence.

Customer Service Secrets From The Most Awarded 5-Star Hotel In The World [hallmarkbusinessconnections.com]

This article is contributed by CX expert Micah Solomon. Here he talks about the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort that has won a 5-star designation for the past 53 years owing to its outstanding customer service. The customer service in this hotel is so good that guests turn into nicer human beings thanks to the wonderful service they enjoy.

The manager of this hotel has pointed out several factors as being the secret to their successful formula. Some of them are:

  • Supportive ownership with a long-term vision
  • Training, training, training
  • “Every guest, every employee, every time”
  • Leadership is on the floor, not in the office

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