What’s the CX buzz this week? (30th December, 2015)

What’s the CX buzz this week? (30th December, 2015)

When it comes to Customer Service and Customer Experience, we have been privileged this year to be able to highlight and share some of the most amazing content and voices. From Shep Hyken to Jeanne Bliss everyone has contributed to the debate and thought process and we are honored to be able to feature them week after week in our CX Buzz blog post. Below we have selected some of the best of this year for you to enjoy. Happy New Year and see you in 2016, remember to keep the great content coming.

CX Buzz from November 17, 2015-12-30

No distance was too far for us to travel to find the best customer experiences this year. We travelled around the world on November 17 to give you great CX pieces from Australia to the United Kingdom. Featuring great posts from Colin Nagy at skift.com, Denise Lee Yohn guest posting on cx-journey.com, a mouth-watering piece from the editorial team at cxm.co.uk, and two great LinkedIn .com/pulse pieces too, and more below:

CX Buzz from June 17, 2015

Our June 17 our CX Buzz Blog should have been called CX Customer Journey Mapping Buzz. We focussed on five, yes that is right, five different articles that talked about the importance and understanding of the customer experience journey map. If you are planning one or need to review yours, definitely read these articles first, and don’t forget that we have a wealth of information ourselves at NICE Systems about Journey mapping. These are the articles that were featured in the blog post:

CX Buzz from 26 January, 2015

It was the beginning of 2015 and the stakes were high. Gartner believed that by 2016, companies would compete primarily on the customer experiences they deliver and success, January 26th’s authors claimed, it was all in the details. Tools like customer journey mapping, VoC programs and personalization through customer data analysis would make all the difference in your customer experience efforts, as long as you did them right. Leading customer-experience efforts was an opportunity for CMOs to gain more influence within their companies, according to Gartner, but you needed to be proactive and "Now was the time." See what we featured at the beginning of the year, compare it to where you are now and start thinking about next year.


We hope you have delighted and enjoyed everything we have shared this year in CX Buzz. What is clear, is that none of it would be possible without the constant stream of amazing content put out in our industry. Keep them coming in 2016 and don’t forget to respond in the comments or tweet us @NICE_CX with your favourite pieces. Happy New Year and see you next year!