What’s the CX buzz this week? (28th January, 2016)

Is mobile the new channel for omnichannel marketing and what does that mean for your customer experience [Marketingprofs.com]? What is and how do you create customer value [Customerthink.com]? These are just some of the great pieces we highlight for you in this week’s CX Buzz. But no matter whether you are understanding and giving customer value or you have nailed your mobile customer experience, the most important thing is that the customer experience market continues to grow each year [loyalty360.com]. In fact, the industry is estimated to grow to nearly $10.77 billion within the next five years. Enjoy!

How to Seize the Untapped Mobile Opportunity in 2016 [Marketingprofs.com]
If you are not mobile then you are probably not listening to or understanding you customers. How do we know? Well just look at the numbers from 2015, mobile spend grew at three times the rate of desktop display, 65% of emails were opened on mobile devices, and mobile accounted for 100% of Facebook's revenue growth. There is no doubt anymore that mobile is the throughline for communication between customers and businesses, whether through mobile search, social media, email, or phone calls. And yet, although mobile marketing has come a long way, there's still progress to be made in technology, analytics, and strategy. Most notably, it's time for a paradigm shift: to think of mobile as the home for omnichannel marketing. Here are Eric Holmen's [Marketingprofs.com] predictions for how that will take shape, and how winning marketers will seize the mobile opportunity in 2016.

Meet Brian Solis - Speaker at the UNITE: 2016 Net Promoter Conference [netpromoter.com]
Whether you plan to attend this year's UNITE: 2016 Net Promoter Conference or not, it is worth getting to know some of the amazing speakers by listening to their "meet" podcasts. This one introduces Futurist Brian Solis talking about "Capturing the Heart, Mind and Spirit." But there are some other great ones on the site like Richard Owen, CEO Satmetrix talking about "The State of Customer Experience Today." Don’t forget we also have an amazing lineup of speakers and companies listed for this year’s NICE Interactions Conference which is taking place in Orlando, FL from 23-25 May. You can still get early bird prices and see what’s on the agenda by visiting the conference page, here

What is Customer Value and How Can You Create It? [customerthink.com]
Gautam Mahajan says that value has many different meanings. To some Value means price (what is the value of this car?) to others it means benefit (the value I got from this car). It also means the worth of something. That is why you hear some people saying “value for money” (meaning they are price sensitive); and others who prefer “money for value” (meaning they are willing to pay for what they consider as benefits, as from a brand or a better product, or more convenience etc). But just how do you create customer value if there is confusion about the meaning of the word. Read this great piece to understand the intrinsic value behind value.

Shift to Customer-Centric Marketing Briefs [Gartner.com]
Reorienting the focus of your marketing brief to customers and their needs is the gist of this post by Chris Pemberton contributor at Gartner.com. He is talking about research by Jennifer Polk, Research Director, Gartner for Marketing Leaders, who says, "If you want your marketing program to appeal to customers, take the focus off the channels and put it on the customers, noted Jennifer Polk, research director, Gartner for Marketing Leaders. Replace the traditional or channel-specific marketing brief with a marketing brief that uses customer analytics to consider all channels and tactics to maximize marketing programs."

Customer Experience Management Continues to Grow [Loyalty360.com]
It's been a while since we have featured something from Loyalty360.com, which is surprising because it is one of our go-to sites for the best content on customer experience and customer service. We have chosen to feature a piece by Steve Taggart on the ongoing growth in the customer experience market. Not just about customer experience anymore, the market has exploded in recent years to include entire CEM solution platforms designed to provide the most efficient and effective interactions throughout the entire customer journey. Citing the “Customer Experience Management Market by Touch Points, by Regions, by Vertical – Global Forecast to 2020,” we learn that the customer experience management market is forecast to continue growing at a rapid rate through 2020, at a predicted 19.9% CAGR (compound annual growth rate). This would bring the industry from its current value of $4.36 billion to an estimated $10.77 billion in five years.


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