What's The CX Buzz This Week? (28th April, 2015)

​The customer journey is unique to each customer. However, there are 3 critical stages that are common to all. Companies must be prepared for variations in their processes when it comes to customer service as the requirements vary from customer to customer. Companies must also remember that empathy plays a big role in delivering delightful CX. And lastly, businesses are able to sustain mainly thanks to their return customers.

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Banking systems are burdened with bureaucracies. Making changes in the system is a real big task. This post is about one such banking group that has been concentrating on improving CX since 2008 and they are making steady progress in the correct direction. The head of the CX there has mentioned what she has learnt in this post. They are:

  • Research, & Find Your Unique Value Proposition
  • Find Out What Really Matters To Customers
  • Map Customer Journeys
  • Help Employees Help Your Customers
  • Don’t Give Up

There are two basic components of customer experience. The first is to eliminate problems and obstacles. The second is to please the customer. These should be prioritized in such a way that the second task is only looked into when the first one is accomplished.

Improving the processes is easy. Creating frictionless experience is easy. But pleasing the customer is easier said than done - because this involves human feelings and emotions. This goes above and beyond satisfaction. Delightful customer experience involves pleasure. And so humanity should be a part and parcel of any business that plans to improve its CX to the next level.

A customer’s journey begins as soon as they come across your brand. Indeed, each journey is likely to be different. And so in a way there are many stages of customer journey. However, this article pinpoints three critical stages that each customer is going to come across, which are pre purchase, post purchase and building loyalty.

Understanding every stage of the customer journey is essential for the highest levels of initial conversion, repeat purchase, and retention. Each customer will be different and generic messages might not help in elevating your customer experience to the next level.

The success of some of ecommerce companies is amazing. The fundamental truth about their success lies on only one factor: return customers. And these return customers are any company’s biggest promoters. Nothing can beat positive word-of-mouth publicity. Return customers are also a great indicator of the quality and value being provided by your business. This leads to customer satisfaction, which is a huge determinant of future business.
To improve customer engagement and retention, apply these five strategies:

  • Develop a strong customer community
  • Understand the value of the customer life cycle
  • Personalize the consumer experience
  • Focus on slow and steady growth
  • Manage both supply and demand 

In large companies employees are used to following set processes. Any temporary change would make them feel uneasy. Most companies dislike such variations. Customer service departments in particular have no such options and this is precisely what could hurt your business. Each customer has a unique requirement and if they are not met, social media has given the power to your customers to complain to everybody and dent your brand image.

One way of solving this crisis is to look at these desperate moments as opportunities to build relationships. It is these moments that companies must latch on to in order to provide a delightful and surprising customer experience.

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