What’s the CX buzz this week? (20th October, 2015)

​To ad block or not to ad block, that is Judith Aquino’s [1to1media.com] question. But as she says, only the CX matters and we couldn’t agree more. We also anxiously await the launch of Brian Solis’s new book – X The Experience, when Business Meets Design, only 10 hours to go and counting. Enjoy! 

The Q3 2015 data from Forrester's Customer Experience Index is making it hard for an optimist to find a lot of bright spots. Mycustomer summarizes the key points of the Forrester US Customer Experience Index Report, finding that unfortunately no industry delivered better CX than in the last report. Of the 18 industries covered in the CX Index, only banking, auto and home insurance and hotels held steady. Every other industry turned in lower scores than they did six months ago. Banks overtook digital-only retailers as the highest-scoring industry. It's a bleak report, there is obviously a lot of work to be done on improving customer experiences across the industry and NICE Systems is here to help.

As Ruthie Abraham writes, a company whose product is technical in nature, or scientific, or super niche, doesn’t necessarily determine it as boring. There are industries that hold more excitement for someone than another. An industrial engineer has different likes and interest than I do, and the companies we’re looking at are going to reflect that. Boring is in the eye of the beholder. That’s why if a company targets their audience in the right way, and serves them with content relevant to them in the right context, they will never be considered boring. The challenge for marketers in the B2B space is identifying the right customers, and getting to know them well enough to understand the right way to get them excited, and reach them in a way that is shiny and sparkly to them, in other words, to get to that elusive second date. This is a great and thoughtful piece.

You simply have to read this piece by David C. Edelman and Marc Singer over on Harvard Business Review. While it goes in-depth on competing on customer journeys, what makes this interesting is the real example David is able to give of how his mapped journey with Sungevity Solar company basically got him onboard as a new - and happy - customer without him really needing to think about it, or check out the competition. The whole piece is excellent, but just that one Sungevity example should have you all scrambling to re-think your customer's journeys and what that means for how you engage your customers.

Ad blockers will destroy the advertising industry. Ad blockers will not destroy the advertising industry. Researchers and industry experts are unable to agree on the impact of ad-blocking software on the digital ad ecosystem. What's clear is that the ad industry must provide better consumer experiences or risk becoming irrelevant. To ad block or not to ad block, that is Judith Aquino’s question. But as she says, only the CX matters and we couldn’t agree more. 

Only 10 hours to go until the launch of the long awaited book "How To Design A Meaningful Customer Experience In Every Moment Of Truth" from Brian Solis. But if you didn't know that you have been living under a rock. Have you got your order in? 

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