What's The CX Buzz This Week? (1st June, 2015)

​We just can’t get enough of Shep Hyken at NICE and this week’s CX Buzz is no different. He astounds us with an insightful piece about the need to rename up/cross selling because it has become such a dirty word, misused by too many an opportune salesperson. We also explore the growing trend of the employee experience, brought about by the changing landscape of social recruitment and a need to create more engaging, inspiring and empowering workplaces that can entice the best talent. More in this week’s CX Buzz.

This advice from CX guru Shep Hyken is something all your sales people, right up to the people who manage them should heed. Don’t do the up-sell or cross-sell unless you’re doing your customer a service. If you are just doing it to make a quick buck, chances are you will lose a potential loyal customer. In fact, Hyken thinks it’s time to come up with a better name for an up/cross-sell. Are you up to the challenge? 

It shouldn’t surprise you that Gartner is predicting that the CMO is likely to spend more on technology than even the CIO by 2017. Marketers are increasingly adopting marketing automation and data analytics technology to help them understand and communicate with customers on an individual level, putting them at the center of all analysis and decision-making. Here is a great list of 7 things your contact center should be doing to make sure that they are marketing-integrated.

Don’t you just admire it when you see one particular company hit the top of the customer service ratings again and again? Wish you could be a fly on the wall, right? Over on The Michelli Experience FB wall, experience expert Joseph A. Michelli gives an insight into some of the things Trader Joe’s is doing that result in such high levels of customer satisfaction. 

CX Buzz has been riveted by the findings of a new global study conducted by SDL and featured in this Ian Golding piece. The research examines how, why and when customer experience (CX) failures happen, the implications for brands and how they can win back a customer should a failure occur. It probably isn’t that surprising that whilst consumers can easily recall a failed experience, they find it less easy to remember a positive one. 

 With the advent of social recruitment and the growing popularity of technology platforms such as LinkedIn, it is increasingly easier for head hunters to steal talent from their competitors. So in this type of a world what can organizations do to help make sure that employees want to show up and stay? You guessed it, focus on the employee experience. Organizations have always assumed that they can create a place where people needed to work and are now realizing that they must create a place where people want to work and stay. 

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