What’s the CX buzz this week? (17th November, 2015)

What’s the CX buzz this week? (17th November, 2015)

No distance is too far to travel to find the best customer experiences. We travel around the world today to give your great CX pieces from Australia to the United Kingdom. We have great pieces from Colin Nagy at skift.com, Denise Lee Yohn guest posting on cx-journey.com, a mouthwatering piece from the editorial team at cxm.co.uk, and two great LinkedIn .com/pulse pieces too. Enjoy!

Customer Experience Is the New Customer Service [skift.com]

If you have never heard of Skift.com, allow us to be the first to introduce them to you and you can thank us by commenting below. Colin Nagy postulates on whether, "Customer Experience is the New Customer Service.?" Nagy says, "Even at its finest, customer service is merely one piece of the entire puzzle. Customer experience is 3D chess. It is the aggregate of thousands of micro experiences a customer has with your brand and it presents countless opportunities to engender loyalty. There are myriad variations and outcomes, all of which need to be thought out and stewarded appropriately." We are not sure CX is the "new" Customer Service, we think it always was.

Social Media's Impact on Customer Experience [Linkedin.com/pulse]

Dan Gingis has been running an amazing series about customer experience that he has been publishing to Linkedin.com/pulse. This week's post is about Social media's impact on customer experience. As we all know, a brand's actions on social – both marketing and service – greatly affect the overall public perception of the brand. This is a great piece, and sadly the last one in this series, for understanding the role of social media and how it contributes to CX.

A Great Customer Experience Isn't Enough [cx-journey.com]

What's better than one amazingly inspirational female thought leader on customer experience? Well two of course! This week Denise Lee Yohn guest posts on Annette Franz Gleinicki's CX-Journey.com website about whether great customer experience is enough. She is talking about the need to not only have good design and solid execution when it comes to customer experience, but also the need for your experiences to be differentiated. Simply put, your customer experience has to be different to that of your competition; one might even say it needs to be superior. What are you doing differently?

37 Ways to Improve Customer Experience with Shane Goldberg [Linkedin.com/pulse]

We happened across this great infographic from Shane Goldberg on 37 ways to improve your customer experience. Here is a sneak preview; you will have to click on the link for the whole infographic. But the best thing for us is discovering Shane's blog, filled with other great customer care insights.

Inspired by the magic of Willy Wonka's factory [cxm.co.uk]

If you have seen the original Willy Wonker movie, the one starring Gene Wilder, then you will remember the feeling you got watching those children step for the first time into the truly magical Chocolate Room, where everything was "eatable". Now hold onto that memory and click through to this wonderful video highlighted by the editorial team at cxm.co.uk of the new Starbucks "wonker" coffee experience. We dare your mouth not to water and for you to not want to rush out and find your nearest Starbucks. It is a shame that they all don't look like this.


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