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Customer Journey maps are one of the best tools available for effectively managing CX programs, which begin and end with deep understanding of customers’ needs and wants. Since VOC plays a major role in contributing to journey maps, companies must always be in the lookout for direct and indirect customer feedback. After listening to VOC appropriate actions must be taken, and employees must be given enough freedom to respond appropriately. Genuine company – or, agent - responses lead to increased customer loyalty.

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How to become an expert in mapping the customer journey [customerthink.com]

Cultures in call centers are changing. More and more companies are shifting from being product centric to customer centric. For this understanding the customer is paramount and understanding the customer journey is the first step in developing a truly customer-centric contact center.   

The clarity in understanding journeys in call centers is still missing in many companies. The author suggests some guiding principles to become an expert in customer journey mapping.

  • There is no standard set of rules to prepare a map
  • Listen to the employees
  • Personalization is the key
  • Journey is nonlinear
  • Identify pain points

Warby Parker and the power of genuine micro customer experiences [michelfalcon.com]

If the above article talks about companies shifting their focus from products to customers, this article recognizes that the focus on product development and customer experience must live in harmony, rather than in isolation. To illustrate this point, it gives the example of Warby Parker (eyeglasses stores).

Sharing anecdotes about the exemplary service provided by the staff at Warby Parker, the author points out that this was made possible because the company has encouraged its employee to develop meaningful relationships with its customers.  Also the fact that freedom was given to act after listening to the customers has gone a long way in providing excellent customer experience. The result – free PR and organic growth. 

The 4 secrets to achieving customer loyalty [entrepreneur.com]

By now everyone is aware that customer retention is far more expensive than customer acquisition. This article reiterates this point, and the author has passed on some secrets to increase loyalty among your customers.

  • Discover what's important to your customers
  • Earn and keep their trust
  • Take pride in what you do
  • Offer incentives

Relationships are key to customer loyalty. For this you need to understand your customers’ requirement and engage them meaningfully on a regular interval. VOC should be at the heart of the CX programs and actions should be taken on what you are hearing from your customers, because happy customers come back -- and they bring new ones with them.

The 5-star approach to turning a customer experience around [forbes.com]

It is impossible to please everyone. Even a highly regarded company like Apple has its own set of detractors. Customers who like your service will forward the message to 3 more, whereas an angry customer will reach out to 11. And in today’s world, thanks to the internet, the number can be unimaginable in many cases.

However, companies should look at it as a blessing in disguise. People give negative feedback because their needs have not been fulfilled. This is the exact opportunity any company should keep looking for. Acknowledging the feedback, acting on it and showing accountability goes a long way with the customer. The increasing level of dialogue and the virtual guarantee of a good customer experience is a winning proposition for all.

If it’s called customer experience, why is it all about the company? [janicecuban.com]

Did you know that 90% of executives feel that CX is important for their business? And by the way 85% of them don’t expect to see any significant results in business outcome. The article contains the interview of Lynn Hunsaker, a customer experience expert.  

Some of the points that were spoken about in this interview are:

  • Customer Experience is all about customers and not brands
  • Online communities are filled with customer feedback and they should also be given due importance along with Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Problem solving should be at a micro level. At the end of a resolution of a problem the customer should feel happier than the company.
  • Customer surveys should be given correct priority

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