What’s the CX buzz this week? (16th Feb, 2015)

This week we bring you some inspirational and thought provoking picks that cover an array of topics, from CX architecture to top 2015 trends to look out for. So if you’re losing sleep over where to start your CX transformation, or the key customer trends you will be facing this year – then this is the read for you!

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7 Steps to Deliver Better Customer Experiences [hbr.org]

According to HBR’s Denise Lee Yohn, “most companies are using an incomplete definition of customer experience, and have incomplete tools and approaches to design and manage it.” Some of the common mistakes observed are having a narrow view of CX, silos between marketing and operations and existence of multiple customer journeys for a single organization.

The right approach for managing customer experience is to use a Customer Experience Architecture. Customer experience architecture requires accepting a broader, fuller definition of customer experience and committing to a robust planning tool and process.

Companies who follow this methodology have found that they have been successful in identifying organizational silos, being innovative, and enticing positive customer reactions.

A must read!

Customer Service Trends 2015 [Infographic] [providesupport.com]

So what do you expect from the customer service industry in 2015? It will become more savvy as far as dealing with issues during the early stages of the customer journey and proactively preventing them. With customers’ expectations and preferences changing regularly companies need to evolve continuously too.

Customer centric companies perform 43% better than their counterparts. Some of the expected trends in 2015 are Omni-channel customer service, personalization in customer service, empathy driven services among others.

This is a nice round-up of 2015 trends!

5 Ideas to Help You Keep and Grow Your Customers [csi-international-inc.com]

Peter Psichogios and CSI International provide a simple framework for customer retention and acquisition:

  1. Communicate clearly and effectively
  2. Provide personalized, fast, friendly, hassle-free customer experience
  3. Promise only what you can deliver
  4. Be humble and truthful, accept your mistakes and recover in time
  5. Continuously improve the customer service

These ideas are precise but require a strong customer-centric culture to implement them perfectly.

Marketers set to take charge of customer experience? [mycustomer.com]

Did you know that 81% of the marketers feel that their role needs a redesign to accommodate the current roles and activities expected of them?  Incidentally, 29% of them also feel that this “redesign” needs to be done very urgently.

Digital engagement, marketing operations and technology, strategy and planning are some of the activities expected of a CMO today. In fact, Gartner also has recently specified the need for marketers to improve their relationship with IT departments, to keep up with the ever evolving technologies and the skills associated with them.   

This has resulted in the creation of the chief digital officer (CDO) role, which sometimes seems like a temporary fix; and that CIOs and CMOs would still be required to work in unison in the near future regardless of the additional positions at the helm.

Is it Wise to Ignore Correlations between Customer Experience and Creation of Wealth? [business2community.com]

If there was ever any debate about this topic of correlation between CX and revenue, by now it should be over. It has been proven beyond point that CX is the ultimate business driver. The article contains a graph that shows CX leaders have been successful in outperforming the competition.

Gregory Yankelovich suggests that CXM practitioners think like economists rather than statisticians; and that the focus should be on the problems and less on the metrics associated with the system.

Make note of the author’s four practical tips!

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