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What’s the CX buzz this week? (16th December, 2015)

What’s the CX buzz this week? (16th December, 2015)

Finally we are starting to see some holiday season joy. Even though you are all probably wrapping up your campaigns and getting ready to party at your end of year-Xmas do, employee engagement, customer experience and giving good service should still be top of your priorities list. To keep you focussed we have featured some great pieces below from Sonal Jaiswal at A great infographic from Temkin Group [] on emotion in CX; not one, but two great pieces from Anna Papachristos, one on employee engagement [] and the other [] a fantastic interview with industry greats Jeanne Bliss, Bruce Temkin, Ray Wang and Ed Thompson on what’s next in CX Evolution; and finally, A piece by Chris Ward [] on eliminating CX leadership turf wars. Enjoy!

HO HO HO!! Santa’s got some Customer Experience Lessons this Christmas! []

Sonal Jaiswal delights with this piece on how to turn the brand "Santa" into a customer experience lesson for all. Wrapped up in this cute little seasonal greeting package are gems of wisdom like this one, "Listen to your customers and understand what they want - Santa is a great listener. He listens very closely to his customers and knows exactly what they want. He reads every letter and request he receives; carefully sorting through every wish. What’s more, he keeps us waiting for him, year after year." Enjoy and have a great holiday.

Customer Experience Needs More Emotion (Infographic) []

We make no secret that we are lovers of the Temkin Group blog, called Experiencematters. So we are delighted, thrilled, ecstatic, touched and thrilled, do you feel that emotion, that they have published this great infographic on needing more emotion in customer experience. See our sneak preview of the inforgraphic and if you like it, then you can download a version in PDF format or an 18″ x 24″ poster version directly from their website.

The Year of Employee Engagement []

We have often heard this year being referred to as 'The Year of the Customer.' So it is with some surprise that we were pleased to read this great piece by Anna Papachristos titled, "The Year of Employee Engagement." Papachristos says that dedicated employees are critical for continued success and suggests three elements that most successful companies focus on to guarantee employee satisfaction and growth.

What’s Next in the CX Evolution? []

Although published in October and also the second piece by Anna Papachristos in this week's CX Buzz; we thought this interview piece on "What's Next in the CX Evolution" was just too good to pass up. Papachristos interviews four of the industry's best analysts including; Bruce Temkin, Ray Wang, Jeanne Bliss, Ed Thompson and gets their thoughts on the future of CX. We are sorry we missed it before and glad we are featuring it now.

Bob Taylor, CCO, Samsung SDS: Eliminating turf wars with CX []

In an attempt to understand the differences in CX leadership roles both across the globe and in different verticals; MyCustomer deputy editor, Chris Ward has taken to interviewing CX leaders with a view to analyzing what the position entails from business to business, unearthing the challenges that exist and what differentiates and binds CX roles with marketing, service and sales functions. In this edition, he talks to Samsung’s chief customer officer for America, Bob Taylor. This really is a very great read. 


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