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One of the best tools to improve customer experience is customer journey maps. These maps identify traces of interactions and experiences left by your customers while dealing with your products and services, and can be of immense help in pinpointing pain areas. However, one must understand that journey maps are not tools in the true sense, but can show the right areas to focus on as part of customer experience optimization.  It is the company culture that will help in realizing the true potential of journey maps.

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Customer Journey Mapping: Apply Insights Everywhere [customerthink.com]

Companies have started investing in customer journey mapping. Journey maps can provide a lot of insights which might otherwise go unnoticed while using other techniques and applications. The article talks about the importance of using these insights throughout the organization and not limiting them to particular touchpoints. 

For any successful CX program, the culture of customer centricity needs to be interweaved throughout the company. In other words, this would include the involvement of everyone. Journey maps can show directions but not solve problems, which makes it all the more important that the insights are shared across departments for better understanding of the existing situation.  

Tracking the Customer Journey Is Critical for Engagement [richardsnow.ventanaresearch.com]

Based on the recent findings of the research conducted by Ventana Research, it has been observed that over 74% of the participants agreed that customer experience was the driving force for improving customer engagement.

Customer journey maps seem to be a very popular option among companies to improve customer experience. Did you know that two-thirds (67%) of very customer-focused companies use customer journey maps? The article is filled with many more such insights, figures and recommendations by the author on the optimum use of journey maps. We are sure you will enjoy this one.

Delivering a Reliable Customer Experience [linkedin.com]

In order to deliver a frictionless customer experience, your systems have to be reliable. Your company needs to be reliable. But what does ‘reliable customer experience’ actually mean? There is no direct answer to this. In fact, it depends upon your customer and may change from customer to customer. Generally, reliability is related to solving customer problems efficiently.  

So, in order to provide a frictionless customer experience, it is extremely important that you understand the journey of a customer with your company from a customer’s perspective.

Why Business That Use 'Big Data' Make More Money (Infographic) [entrepreneur.com]

Big data news is everywhere. Big data is everywhere. And why not, since it has the potential to impact the very bottom line of any business.

Collecting and analyzing large chunks of data about your customers & employees, and their interactions with the company can provide a lot of insights that can help you in making strategically beneficial business decisions. The article contains an Infographic that demonstrates how using data can result in smarter business decisions and more revenue.

Next-Generation Customer Experience [customerexperiencemagazine.co.uk]

In the good old days CXM would mean providing customers with a comments box in which to leave feedback or a telephone number with which to call and complain. Things have changed dramatically in the past few years, and the priority of CXM has increased significantly as companies realized the importance of customer experience as a differentiator in the competitive market place. Unlike the past, there is customer data everywhere nowadays. CXM today requires understanding the entire journey of the customer with your organization.

Listening to or gathering data about your customers has never been so easy. Getting useful information about each and every customer does not take a lot of time. The technology is out there to help manage, visualize and report on the customer journey, but this transformation must be supported by an internal culture shift to one that prioritizes the customer relationship.

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