What’s the CX buzz this week? (12th August, 2015)

​We know it may seem that we are suffering from Micah Solomon obsession with not just one, but two great pieces from him and Forbes.com. But we are sure you will agree that they are both too good to pass up for this week’s CX Buzz. We help clarify an age-old argument, with the help of Paul Greenberg [ZDNet.com], on the true definitions of CRM, CE and CX. Enjoy!

Chances are, if you are not on mobile or at least mobile optimized, you are not listening to the voice of your customer. According to this Jim Tierney piece [Loyalty360.com], most consumers expect retailers to develop a mobile strategy. Read his interview with Sue Yasav, Research Insights Leader at Symphony Financial, to find out the results of a unique study she recently did on this topic.

What's in a definition? Well according to Paul Greenberg, everything. Here he attempts to clarify the difference between CRM, customer engagement and customer experience so we don't have to argue about it anymore.

It is amazing how the smallest things can make all the customer experience difference. Here is the first of two great piece this week from Micah Solomon and Forbes, discussing error tolerant design. He gives the example of how his car trunk wouldn't close because he had left his keys in a bag he had just put into the trunk, and the car was designed so that the trunk wouldn't close if the keys were inside it. This tiny design feature spurred this article from Micah, and also made his day. What small design features have made your customer experience day?

We have talked about this before in CX Buzz, the fact that companies are falling down when it comes to customer service through social media channels. In fact, according to this piece by Alleli Aspili, 80% of businesses now believe that they are providing excellent customer service on social media, even though only 8% of customers agree. As Aspili says, providing customer service through social media entails a lot more than most companies think. You first need to have a clear customer service strategy in place. Then train a team that will help roll out the action plan for you. Do you have your people and plans in place?

At the risk of sounding biased, we just have to share another piece by Micah Solomon and Forbes this week, it is too good to miss. Micah is talking to industry experts, including Bill Quiseng (independent blogger) and Sara Carter from Sparkcentral, on how to effectively use social media. He leaves us with 12 best practices to help you plan your social media customer service strategy. This is a must read.

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