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We’ve Got You Covered: Achieve Omnichannel Quality Management Automation While Protecting Your Recording Investment

​Not long ago, ICMI called "omnichannel" one of today's most pervasive buzz words in customer service. There's no denying that customer service has been deeply influenced by the Uber effect: Customers today expect more – what they want, when they want it, and where they want it. For contact centers, that translates into a mandate for omnichannel support: not only voice calls but also chat, text, email and more.

This has increased the complexity of providing great customer service and ensuring that your call center quality processes are up to the task. Most contact centers use disparate tools such as quality management software for evaluation of inbound calls and home-grown tools for non-voice channels. Additionally, legacy call center quality monitoring solutions require you to handle some processes manually, including reporting, scoring disputes and agent self-evaluations.

How much time would you save if you could automate all your contact center and quality processes and channels with one application? Leave your recording investment intact and leverage next-generation recording agnostic quality management technology to automate all channels and processes. Doing so will provide you with innovative features with easier upgrades, a unified user experience, the ability to tie quality programs to business-driven results, and an improvement in your evaluation process.

Gain innovative features more quickly with easier upgrades

Using a quality management solution attached to the recording system means that you can't independently upgrade your quality solution until the recording platform is also upgraded. A recording-agnostic solution will allow you to:

  • Upgrade your quality management application at any time without touching the recording solution
  • Drive upgrade decisions based on your business needs, rather than on IT resources and cost, and take advantage of new, innovative features more quickly. 

Realize a unified user experience with omnichannel quality monitoring

Legacy call center quality management solutions bring non-voice interactions into the recording platform to be part of the quality monitoring program – adding a level of complexity and cost that outweigh the benefits. New quality management technology handles non-voice channels differently by ingesting any interaction or transaction data directly into the system, enabling a holistic view of quality across your organization.

Tie quality programs to business-driven results

Because not all organizations define metrics and goals in the same way, the ability to customize measurements, thresholds and alerts to your specific needs is key to gaining meaningful insights. New quality management technology allows supervisors to view data how and when they want. They can also gain insights by drilling down from the top-level metrics to sub-metrics based on specific channels, agents, teams or categories.

Many legacy quality management solutions require you to export data and use a separate reporting package, and some solutions have limited reporting capabilities with templates that require consulting services to customize reports – which can be time-consuming and expensive. New quality monitoring solutions support customizable reporting templates that allow you to change format, colors and data within the application.

 Don't let your quality monitoring program be driven by your legacy recording investment in systems and data security. Now you can have the best of both worlds: Preserve your recording platform investment and use a next-generation quality management technology to enable advanced omnichannel quality monitoring.  To learn more, download the We've Got You Covered ebook.​​