VPN Applications and NICE

Data security is on everyone's minds these days and at NICE, we are keenly aware of the need to protect your data.  As you use various applications such as Webmanager you may notice the 'https' that precedes the URL. That 's' means that the data connection to  Webmanager  is encrypted, or encoded in such a fashion that if a person were to intercept tranmissions from your computer, they would not be able read the content.  We have designed NICE to use https on its websites and other internet connections and web services in order to keep your data secure and private.  We have also added SFTP or Secure FTP to our FTP services.  All that said, we know there are still customers who want an extra layer of protection, such as banks and health care organizations.  For those organizations, iNICE offers an extra layer of security in the form of VPN connectivity.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network  connection is a service that can be used to improve data security when using NICE by encrypting the data that traverses that VPN.  VPN connections are currently supported for:

  • SIP Signalling for SIP call control information     
  • Web Services
  • FTP for shipping logged contacts
  • Certain types of database provider connections

VPNs are not just 'installed' in a moment.    They require technical expertise on the part of the customers network engineering staff as well as careful design and planning by the engineers at NICE.  VPN requests should come through a Customer Service Manager or Sales Engineer, who will work with the customer to obtain the necessary technical information and contacts.  Designing and installing a VPN connection is done in conjunction with NICE's Network Engineering team.  VPN connections other than those listed above will be looked at by Network Engineering on an individual case basis to ensure that all NICE services will function correctly in the VPN environment.

NICE already has in place methods to encrypt and secure user data, but if you are an organization that requires an extra degree of protection, please talk to us about the strategic use of a VPN as part of your NICE implementation.