Top 10 Technologies for Customer Experience

Top 10 Technologies for Customer Experience

Forbes just published Louis Columbus’s list of the Top 10 Technologies for Customer Experience. These and other insights are based on Gartner’s recent webinar The Top 10 Strategic Technologies for the Customer Experience. The webinar provides rankings and case studies of which technologies are most effective at improving the customer experience based on interviews with Chief Customer Officers. The top ten technologies that Chief Customer Officers say are the most important for enhancing customer experience include Customer Service and Support, Sales Force Automation, Voice of the Customer (including surveys), Content Management, Business Process Management, Customer Analytics (including modelling and insight), Security & Privacy Management, and e-Commerce.

The great news, apart from this being a great list, is that NICE has the solutions for most of these technologies. Below we outline the technologies as they appeared in the Forbes list, and how NICE solutions can help you fulfil these technology needs:

  1. Voice of the Customer #VoC
    The NICE Voice of the Customer (VoC) Suite brings together our leading solutions for capturing customer interactions and feedback, translating them into valuable insights and transforming your business for the better. Including solutions for:
    • Customer Feedback
    • Voice of the Customer: Analytics
    • Voice of the Customer: Drive Action
    • Journey Voc
    • Total Voice of the Customer
  1. Business Process Management
    When a back office reaches maximum efficiency, amazing things happen. Data is integrated from employees' desktops, forecasts are precise, and engaged employees sit in every seat. It also provides tools to ensure regulatory compliance – and ultimately – elevate the level of service customers receive across the entire enterprise. Including solutions for:
    • Back Office Workforce Management
    • Back Office Performance Management
    • Back Office Real-Time Activity Monitoring
    • Back Office Real-Time Process Optimization
    • Robotic Automation
    • Back Office Quality Management
    • Work Inventory Management
    • Back Office Nice Work Manager
  1. Multichannel Customer Service
    NICE AIR & ENGAGE Platform - Multi-Channel Interaction Recording, helps you drive value form every interaction. Every minute, thousands of interactions take place between your customers and your organization. These interactions contain a wealth of information about your customers and your services. NICE Engage allows you to record interactions for:
    • Comprehensive compliance
    • Intelligent Quality Management
    • Customer and business insights
    • Shape interactions in real time
  1. Customer Analytics
    NICE Customer Engagement Analytics solutions enable you to understand how to drive value from your customer data. That value could be delivering a better customer experience, unlocking operational efficiencies or driving value to the bottom line. By having a complete picture of customer interactions across your service channels you can predict and act on the insights you gain. Including solutions for:
    • Customer Journey Optimization
    • Customer Experience Analytics
    • IVR Journey Analytics
    • Call Volume Reduction
    • Customer Feedback
    • Real-Time Web Engagement Analytics
    • Journey VoC
  1. Master Data Management
    Big Data Analytics Technologies are the foundation for customer engagement optimization. No matter how complex, lengthy or fragmented it may be, you need to be ready for every customer journey – and you need the technology to make it possible. NICE state-of-the-art technologies address complex IT challenges and the needs of any customer service organization. Including solutions for:
    • Cross-Channel Interaction Recording
    • Customer Analytics
    • Real-Time Technologies
    • Cloud Contact Center Solutions
  1. Personalization
    Real-Time Guidance & Automation will make sure your agents know the next best action – in real time! Your customers expect immediate and accurate answers. Always. To provide that level of service, at each step of the way, contact center agents need to access multiple sources of customer and product information, some of which changes frequently. They often also need to memorize scripts and carry out complex processes. And all of that often requires using many different applications.
    So How can you be sure your agents choose the most effective resolution path to your customer issues, in real time, every time? Our solutions include:
    • Analysis to Real-time Decisions
    • Agent Guidance
    • Process Automation
  1. Privacy Management
    While there are many facets of Privacy Management, one technology solution we do have is, for Contact Center Compliance.
    Consumer compliance requires accurate and timely communication with your customer, with real-time analysis and systematic interaction retrieval. In a high-pressure and dynamic contact center, where sensitive customer information is shared every day, NICE can help you minimize the risk of costly regulatory breaches.Including solutions for:
    • Contact Center Compliance Recording
    • Real-Time Compliance
    • Compliance Analytics
    • PCI Compliance
    • Analytics-Driven Complaint Management Suite

Unfortunately we do not yet support technologies for 8, 9 and 10 on this list. But stay tuned as we will be highlighting some new start-ups with solutions that compliment NICE’s suite of CX solutions and who’s technologies address these needs:

  1. Content Management
  2. UX Design Tools and Platforms
  3. Loyalty Management – although check out our Voice of the Customer, Customer Feedback solution, NICE Fizzback, which bridges the gap between insights and action.


If you have any questions about these technologies or to speak to a NICE expert, please visit us at, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and make sure you join the conversation by leaving a comment below.