These CX Programs Grow Up So Fast, Don’t They?

These CX Programs Grow Up So Fast, Don’t They?

Assess yours today, and fuel that next growth spurt

(This post is the final entry of a week-long series celebrating CX Day, CXPA’s annual event for CX professionals to network and share knowledge regarding the latest customer experience trends, insights and successes.)

When I attended Forrester’s CXNY 2016 event this past June, I had the opportunity to hear Forrester’s Rick Parrish discuss his “CX Management Maturity Model,” which serves to benchmark an organization’s capacity for delivering on each of six critical competencies for successful customer experience programs:

  • Customer Understanding (ascertaining their motivations, preferences, engagement experience, etc.)
  • Prioritization (focusing on the aspects that provide greatest value, or mitigate the most pressing challenges)
  • Design (building processes that are flexible, optimizing the customer experience while making efficient use of internal resources)
  • Delivery (actually bringing these designed processes to fruition)
  • Measurement (to benchmark, and assess continuously)
  • Culture (as in, one that is customer-centric, where employees take ownership of CX success)

As a partner to many businesses seeking to capture, and drive the greatest possible value from, their customer insights, NICE has observed them operating at every level of CX maturity. Fittingly, we’ve harnessed our own customer insights to develop a free maturity assessment quiz, to assist CX professionals in determining where they stand, how the ideal process would look, and how to bridge that gap to achieve optimization.

Among other attributes, the quiz can help you identify:

  • The level of CX awareness and engagement within your organization (i.e. whether it’s confined to the contact center, if there is executive-level support, if there is a true customer-centric culture more broadly, etc.) relative to the ideal state.
  • The depth of customer insights being obtained, and their effectiveness for driving positive changes in local and enterprise-wide processes, relative to the ideal state.
  • Where you stand with regards to establishing a holistic understanding of your customers’ needs.
  • Which customer journey and voice of the customer tools can best serve your ongoing CX needs, given your present maturity level.

Are your customer experience goals well-defined, and is your organization fully aligned in support of those goals? Are you dedicating all resources to most effectively ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty? Do you have the customer experience metrics you need, and the ability to react swiftly to new developments (let alone the everyday demands of the multichannel customer)? Are your tools and protocols scalable?  Take our maturity assessment quiz today, and learn how you can achieve the highest level of CX maturity.

We’ll be hosting a webinar presentation, “Launching Your Customer Experience Program: Strategy,” on Tuesday, October 11. Learn how to plan and execute the most effective CX program possible, and thus achieve maturity.