The Navigator

NICE Customer Journey Solutions Ensure CX Programs Reach Their Destination

When I was young, I was fascinated with roadmaps. Loved studying them, memorizing them, comparing the different types—you name it. Sometimes I’d even create fictional towns and cities, just so I could map them from scratch. When my family took a road trip from New York to Texas, I insisted on being the navigator, following along from state to state with my handy-dandy Rand McNally atlas. The logical place to stop for lunch, the best place to stop for the night if we wanted to finish driving tomorrow, the distance to the next tourist attraction worth visiting—I had it all covered. On that trip and others, I was Google Maps before there was a Google Maps.

Now that I’m here writing for NICE, I get to play that role again, or at least some version of it. Organizations come looking for vehicles (technologies) that will enable them to reach their Customer Experience (CX) destination, and we understand the importance of maps in completing that journey. That’s why the NICE Customer Journey Solutions suite is the perfect navigator.

With the typical customer journey now utilizing nearly six different channels of engagement, bringing every detail of every interaction into one cohesive view can be as challenging, yet vital, as ever. NICE Customer Journey Solutions provide contact centers with a map of every such journey, enabling the organization to know the customer, including the underlying intent behind their actions; act in real time, anticipating their next move, and providing an immediate and personal response with confidence; and optimize the overall journey, continuously improving processes to reduce effort, improve individual steps and create a more engaging experience overall—an experience that will make customers glad to have done business with this company, and likely to do so again.

Joining the NICE team has enabled me to rekindle my love affair with maps, you might say. Not only do we have the horsepower to take this show on the road, but with NICE Customer Journey Solutions, CX professionals will always know how to reach their destination, without missing any of the good stuff along the way.

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