The Key to Employee Engagement – Chatbots?

A recent Inc. article by Marla Tabaka, a business adviser and lecturer, declares, “It's time to leave behind the Hal 9000 impression of the cold, inhuman AI…. humans, and their jobs, are not going to be replaced by technology, but instead augmented by it.”

But aren’t those machines taking over more and more frontline services normally handled by people? Won’t employees be demoralized to find robots performing some of their most “human” of tasks – interacting with customers?

Ian Jacobs, a leading analyst at Forrester Research, and I recently addressed precisely those issues. Jacobs made the case for chatbot AI as a powerful force multiplier, which actually increases employee motivation.

At this point, you may be thinking to yourself: “Say what now?” Or incredulously asking the very question Jacobs used as the title of his extremely popular talk: “The Key to Employee Engagement - Chatbots?”

And what does all this have to do with YouTube, Waze and KLM anyway? (Hint: KLM is using AI-powered chatbots to help their agents – not to get them fired.)

To get answers to your questions – and rethink some assumptions – watch this now.  (And be sure to stay around until the end. There is a cool demo, by yours truly, showing exactly how it all comes together in practice.)

“The Key to Employee Engagement - Chatbots?”  by Forrester Research analyst Ian Jacobs and NICE Adaptive Solution Marketing Manager Yohai West.