The business benefits of customer journey mapping

Successful customer journey mapping can be daunting for sure and NICE is here to help!  Watch this quick 5-minute Q&A video featuring Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha, Senior Analysts for Forrester Research, who explores the benefits of visualizing and mapping individual journeys; breaking it down into bite-sized chunks that will help both new and experienced CX professionals map their customer journeys.


According to the video, customer journey maps are very popular with 81% of companies surveyed claiming to be mapping experiences from their customer’s perspective. But when they look at companies who map across colleagues, customers and partners - that number drops. In fact, only 21% of companies are mapping the entire ecosystem.

Asking the question, “can journey maps be used as single-use tools as well as reusable assets?” Forrester gives an example of one company who mapped their complaints journey, but in doing so have managed to reduce complaints by 18% and increase compliments by 44% in one year. The results were so good, the company then created an interactive tool based on the journey and lessons they learned and applied it across the organization.

In summing up, the video answers the question, “so what do companies do to master the art of journey mapping? The answer seems so obvious, “success comes from a well-defined journey mapping process and the adoption of right governance model.”
There is no doubt that if your company is planning, reviewing or considering journey mapping, this video is a must-see.