Seeing Both Sides of the Coin – side 2

As we discussed last time, effective business processes and a more perfect customer experience are often the product of the combined power of interaction analytics and desktop analytics. 

The benefit runs in two directions: determining whether the right action has been taken based on the customer conversation; and determining if the right conversation took place based on existing customer data. 
For contact centers, this is a game-changing approach on many levels…
Improving First Call Resolution and Average Handle Time 
By “listening in” on customer communications, interaction analytics identifies agent behaviors and scripts that contribute to first call resolution or impact average handle time. Desktop analytics enriches this process by providing wider context, such as identifying agents successfully forestalling repeat contacts by their post-call actions or correlating specific types of calls with agent behavior, call length and unexpected quiet time.  
Reducing Customer Churn
All that may make our agents more effective, but today’s customers demand progressively more personalized service. Using desktop analytics data, we can see how often various categories of customer are at risk of churn and, with interaction analytics, whether the appropriate retention activities are being attempted. 
Looking In, Reaching Out
So far, we’ve looked at high-level applications of complementary analytics, but of course the best customer service seamlessly gets the basics right, too. From positive caller ID to ensuring full customer information to promoting a self-service option, and more, the combined approach produces results finely attuned to each customer and their unique journey. 
Overall, it’s clear that desktop analytics primarily looks inward, to what actions agents are taking in the contact center, while interaction analytics looks outward, to what customers are saying, thinking and doing. Taken together, these two perspectives give us a coherent view of our customers and our organizations that we just can’t get any other way.