SaaS is Growing...

Recently, I have been impressed by the number of clippings I have seen that extol the virtues of SaaS.  Obviously, I am a big believer in the benefits of SaaS and how it can reshape the way companies deploy value added software and applications.  So, it is nice to get reinforcement from the likes of Gartner and their research.

IT World ( recently published an article describing the growth of SaaS based on Gartner’s research.  Interviewing over 250 IT executives around the world, they found that over 1/3rd of them were planning to replace software they currently own with SaaS to “drive down total cost of ownership (TCO)”.  Some of the other reasons why there is a desire to go to SaaS is the ease of deployment and in some cases, the software they own just didn’t meet their expectations.

This reasoning sparked a thought in my mind…when buying software licenses in the past, it took enough of an investment to get it installed and try it out to see if it would work for you that most people didn’t try it before they bought it.  Therefore, there was no way to really know if the software was going to meet your expectations.   Then when you did buy the software, the deployment was often long and arduous.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that many of those major deployments failed. 

Now, when these companies are able to replace the failed software implementations of the past, there are SaaS options that allow them to try the solution out and see how it would work without the commitment of buying software licenses.

If you have run across some interesting research related to SaaS deployments, please share it.  You can reach me at